87The great strange boy – Sohu|The great strange boy – Sohu7

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The great "strange boy" – the birth of Einstein, the mother and daughter of Sohu is a fat and eccentric baby. He spoke very late, and a misshapen, strange head. After a long time, he will play his sister, find a teacher trouble, no friends. As the only Jewish school, he must suffer the classmates laugh, curse and shame. However, for their own interest in things, little Einstein is always very dedicated and focused. He love mathematics, also playing the violin. He immersed himself in the world of mathematics and music all day, trying to think of all kinds of problems. When he grew up, he won the Nobel prize in physics. His theory of relativity, which is more human understanding of the world, has brought about an epoch-making change. The name of Einstein, for all of humanity, is no longer a fat baby, angry child and strange boy, but a great thinker. A sunny Friday, a baby named Albert ·, born in the ancient city of Ulm. That day is March 14, 1879. However, the newborn is only a temporary joy for the family. Grandma found: "he is too fat, too fat!" Mother worried that his head was too big, and his back was a little swollen. But the doctor said, don’t worry, this kid is okay, he’s fine. Einstein grew up, quickly to the babbling age, but he can’t say a word. The family anxiously waited and waited. Does he really have a problem? Later, he finally spoke, and opened his mouth to show his intelligence. Nearly 3 years old, parents promised to give him a surprise, he was looking forward to the toy, I did not expect to be a little sister. He said: "little sister body how no wheels?" Einstein sometimes to sister Maya is very rude, he had almost throw a baseball to her younger sister, also a hoe hit her head. Later Maya said that Einstein actually needed a ‘strong skeleton’ to be his sister. Poor Maya is not the only Einstein object. There are several times, as long as he is not happy, his face and nose will be white, then stamp with rage. His temper was so bad that even his parents governess was also scared away. However, Einstein is not always in a daze, for the matter of interest, he is always very input. He liked to play cards, and he could get to the 14 floor. He was fascinated by his father’s simple compass. He put the compass turned sideways and put, but always pointed to the north and South pointer! He was curious: "what is the secret?" Later, Einstein family moved to the big city of Munich. Parents in order to encourage him to be independent, in particular, allow him to 4 years old, in the absence of his family to accompany themselves to the streets. He began to go to school, but in the eyes of the students, he is a strange boy. Boys like to play football, but Einstein doesn’t like sports. The boys were excited to see the military parade, but Einstein felt uneasy. Einstein is the only Jew among the students.

37How to rent a girlfriend with a cell phone – Sohu Technology|How to rent a girlfriend with a cell phone – Sohu Technology1

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How to rent a girlfriend with a cell phone? Sohu technology "I’m not the same." In a pile of large chest beauty photos giggle and flirt on the edge, so people fantasize. In fact, this is called software provided by the morning call a person to get service, referred to as "jiaochuang". But more than a gimmick, but also inevitably spark a conflict accidentally hired me, lightning, people rent rent software is frequently exposed to the sex trade, photo fraud, information asymmetry caused by the conflict and other negative news, "rent" this can easily lead to biased focus now is covered with a layer of ambiguous veil. In 2011, led by a group of literary watercress sites began to set off a "male rent girlfriend home new year craze." coincidentally, excellent just need to stimulate overall market consumption, Ma Yun quickly took the Dongfeng taobao.com to occupy the market. No matter how unreasonable, rental services and rental software is indeed springing up like mushrooms. Clean, refreshing cool personal rent is not easy. After all, not the goods, rent and rent the camera, rent a dog are not the same, only people will cheat, only people can more easily understand the people of the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures. According to the spread of loneliness on the Fackbook level test, the highest level is a person to see a doctor, the next level is a person to a Western restaurant. Visible, lonely how horrible. The rise of the tenant software is not without reason, it is the time of friendship and companionship, the value of all the people converted into real gold, eliminating the embarrassing situation of bargaining. Rented people can work together, watching movies, eating western food together, see a doctor, "no one is an island" has become a reality. Like "the times" Gu Li through a series of magical story after screamed and cried: "we are what the hypocrisy of the sisterhood." Our circle of friends is not hypocritical, more evolved into a carefully maintained feelings. Our communication with friends is not as frequent as campus life. Moreover, the increasingly compact work and life to carve up the rest of the modern time, even if it is a good friend but also arrived at the distance of the 7 subway stations. In the face of a sharp narrowing of the social circle, rent software to fill the gap with a sleek attitude. In the face of pressure, we can not do as the "modern family" that with the family we have make impromptu comic gestures and ramarks, not far to Europe and the United States that no big or small family, by the name of his parents. People don’t want to pour their anger and anger on their families and friends. Rented friend obedient, understanding, help boredom while the way to do the work of psychological doctors, sounds great. The great sages of Marx and Engels have said that all capitalists are vampires. But who cares, as long as the money is like an adult to young pioneers that become a vampire. In accordance with the "capital" that is by capitalists exploit workers labor value, including the surplus value attached to build up the family fortunes. The surge in the number of freelancers has also brought plenty of customer resources to hire software. Now people rent free software is gaining momentum, occupation can reasonably.