150 year old banyan family in Jimei, Xiamen, bringing salt and rice to the new family-seaway

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The 150 year old banyan family in Jimei, Xiamen, moved a new family with salt and rice to send a 150 year old banyan tree from Shigu road to the banyan tree park in Jimei. Reporter Cui Yi’s confession yesterday, I moved. Move to a place where there is a day, a land, and a neighbor. In the early morning of September 15th, I was in the old home of Shigu road in Jimei. I was destroyed by the 17 strong wind, and the old I was wounded in the street. I did not expect, 8 days later, in Jimei, with the help of all walks of life, I moved into a new home of 45 square meters, the good heart also helped me to take care of the hair and apply the ointment. My new home is on the Dragon Boat pool. The air is fresh and the scenery is pleasant. Everyone is free to come to see me. Jimei — Shigu road Xiamen banyan grandpa Network – Haixi morning news (reporter Cui Yi Liu Ping) typhoon "Meranti" did not pass the 150 year old old man "". After a night of wind, the big banyan trees in Shigu, Jimei, slanted from the ground and slanted into the buildings along the street. Fortunately, there was branching support on the ground, and the big banyan tree, 2.5 meters in the diameter of the chest, did not fall into the ground. However, almost half of the roots were exposed, and the tilted trees accounted for half of the road. It was imminent to save the old banyan tree in Jimei. Yesterday, Shigu road is the autumnal equinox, the big banyan housewarming auspicious. In the District of Jimei City Cooperation Development Corporation, Jimei street, Jimei, Jimei police Chen Clan, Jimei construction company, Shigu road landmark, many people memories of the old banyan tree, moved to a new house. It is difficult to save a tree for 10 hours and save a tree. It is more difficult to save a 150 year old banyan tree. After coordinated deployment, the grand banyan tree officially started at 8 o’clock yesterday. The reporters saw 3 semi-trailers and two cranes at the scene, and traffic police controlled the sections from Shigu road junction to the intersection of Ao park. According to statistics, there are nearly 50 people on the scene. Jimei Garden District Municipal Engineering Company, 65 year old Yuan Xin, with 25 years of experience in planting trees, he was in charge of the move action. He said the difficulties of transplanting the banyan tree for a hundred years were mainly trees, large volumes, trouble transportation, and danger of high pruning. At 11:30, the staff will be injured by manual banyan roots after excision, two cranes one after the "short half" banyan on semi trailer. At 14, the old banyan tree arrived at the new home – the banyan tree park in Jimei, the Dragon Boat pool. Between the old new home straight line distance less than 1000 meters, transportation team has gone nearly 1 hours, a road not only is a police escort to clear the way, the staff along the road branch pruning hinder progress. 18, the new old banyan tree house was "crackling" sound of firecrackers. After nearly 10 hours of uninterrupted work, through countless times to adjust the direction, finally put on the red cloth banyan grandfather, lived in a new home. In order to prevent the water from evaporation of the trees, the staff also carefully smear the creams on the break of the branches. Some people have salt and rice, some people want to contribute to the old banyan tree to move, yesterday 8 points haven’t arrived, nearby residents come to the scene. Squid dipped in water, farewell to the old banyan tree to wash my face; the old banyan tree Sheng salt and rice, as a way of dry food. Many Jimei clubs for the elderly with an umbrella standing on the sidewalk, quietly looking accompanied by the old banyan tree. They don’t know what to say to the "old partner", and the best wishes are to be seen. They thought the old partner was going to disappear like this, and when he learned that it was just moving, many old people had a smile on their faces. The old banyan tree, which is inclined in the wind and rain, affects the heart of many people. After the typhoon, Jimei Street office has received a phone call. The caller calls himself a Taiwanese and a surname, indicating that 5000 yuan should be donated to the rescue of the big banyan tree in Shigu road. Of course, the street refused his 5000 yuan, but one of his thoughts moved everyone in the streets of Jimei. [past] south is the toilet to the north "small Paris" "old banyan tree is at the beginning of the roadside." For Chen Yonghui, a 83 year old dweller this year, the banyan tree is like a punctuation, "the south is a toilet, and the north is small Paris." 89 year old man in Jimei Chen Shaobin told reporters, "small Paris" Jimei is the time to learn the largest restaurant in the village, the school, go to the "small Paris" a cup of mung bean ice or a bowl of noodles with satay sauce, the happiness of life world. In 1993, after the expansion of the Shigu Road, the big banyan tree stood in the middle of the road. But the neighborhood does not think it is abrupt. "It feels like an old man who is a guardian and a child, and the vehicle will slow down through it." [related] horse Lane residents send off more than 400 years old banyan tree Xiamen Network – Hercynian morning news news (reporter Chen Xiaoqing) "a little more careful, a little more slow…" Yesterday morning, Ma Zhen government organized the city management squadron, the squadron, after Ma Xiang Ting community volunteers and other departments, in a 400 years history in Ma Xiang Xiang Nan Lu Station opposite the big banyan "move the project implementation". After the typhoon, the fig tree fell, and most of the roots were exposed. It was the day it was moving, and the nearby residents were around. "We have found a more comfortable new home for the ancient banyan tree." According to Ma Zhen management office director Wang Jianmin introduced, the new home of ancient banyan tree will be in about 3 kilometers outside the 725 street greenbelt Park, there had dug a diameter of about 7 meters, 1.5 meters deep pit, can let the whole tree roots are completely covered. 9 pm yesterday, the big banyan lodging branches began to be truncated, a large crane 50 tons of the first branches removed, and then start the excavators and forklifts, even the tree root slowly. "This old banyan trunk is about 8 meters in length, with a total tonnage of twenty or thirty tons, and it must be transferred to a large crane." The scene staff told the reporter. At 5 p.m. yesterday, the ancient banyan tree was safely moved to a new home. "We will try our best to save its life, and hope it can survive it." Xiangan District Construction Bureau greening office staff leaflet told reporters.

厦门集美150岁老榕树搬新家 市民带盐和米送行 150岁老榕树将从石鼓路迁居到龙舟池畔的集美榕树公园。记者崔易摄   自白   昨天,我搬家了。搬到了一个有天、有地、有邻居的地方。   9月15日凌晨,我位于集美石鼓路的旧家,被 17级强风吹毁,年迈的我负伤倒在街头。没想到,8天后,在集美各界的帮助下,我搬进了45平方米 的新家,好心人还帮我理了头发,涂了药膏。我的新家在龙舟池畔,这里空气清新,景色怡人,大家有空要经常来看我哦。―――集美石鼓路榕树爷爷   厦门网-海西晨报讯(记者 崔易 刘平)强台风“莫兰蒂”没有放过这位已有150岁高龄的“老人”。一夜狂风后,集美石鼓路上的大榕树倾斜离地,斜插入沿街楼房里。所幸,倒地时有分枝的支 撑,这棵胸径2.5米的大榕树才没有轰然倒地。可是,几乎一半的根部裸露在外,倾斜的树体占了半个路面,拯救集美老榕树行动迫在眉睫。   昨日,秋分时节,也是石鼓路大榕树的乔迁吉日。在集美区城发公司、集美街道、集美陈氏宗亲会、集美交警、集美建筑公司的多方合作下,石鼓路的地标、许多人美好回忆的老榕树,搬到了新家。   百年老树搬家,用了10小时   毁树容易,救树难,救一棵150岁的老榕树更是难上加难。   经过协调部署,昨日8点,大榕树搬家正式开始,记者在现场看到了3辆半挂车和两辆吊车,交警对石鼓路集岑路口至鳌园路口的路段进行了管制。据统计,现场有工作人员将近50人。   集美区园林市政工程公司65岁的辛愿,有着25年的树木种植经验,他负责指挥本次搬家行动。他说,此次百年榕树移栽的困难主要是树大、体积大、运输麻烦,以及高空修剪具有危险性。   11时30分,工作人员将榕树受伤的根须逐一手工切除后,两辆吊车一前一后将“矮了半截”的榕树放上半挂车。14时,老榕树到达新家―――龙舟 池畔的集美榕树公园。旧家新家之间直线距离不足1000米,可运送车队却走了快1小时,一路不仅有交警开道护航,更是有工作人员沿途修剪阻碍前进的行道树 枝。   18时,老榕树新家传出“噼里啪啦”的鞭炮声。经过近10小时的无间断工作,经历无数次方向的调整,榕树爷爷终于披上红布条,住进了新家。为了防止树木水分蒸发,工作人员还细心地在树枝的断口处涂上创口涂补药膏。   有人带盐和米,有人欲捐款   得知老榕树要搬家,昨日8点还没到,附近的居民就来到现场。   花枝蘸着清水,临别为老榕树洗把脸;为老榕树盛上盐和米,作为乔迁路上的干粮。   许多集美大社的老人撑着伞站在人行道上,静静地望着朝夕相伴的老榕树。他们不知道该对这个“老伙伴”说些啥,目送是最好的祝福。他们本以为,这个老伙伴就要这样消失了,当得知只是搬家,许多老人脸上出现了笑容。   风雨中倾斜的老榕树,牵动着许多人的心。风灾过后,集美街道值班室却接到了一个电话。来电者自称是台湾人,姓成,表示要捐5000元用作石鼓路大榕树的救援。当然,街道婉拒了他的5000元,但他的一片心意却感动了集美街道所有人。   [往事]   往南是厕所 往北“小巴黎”   “老榕树起初是立在路边。”对今年83岁的大社居民陈永辉来说,这棵榕树像一个标点,“南边是厕所,北边是‘小巴黎’。”   89岁的集美老人陈少斌告诉记者,“小巴黎”是当时集美学村里最大的餐饮店,放学了,去“小巴黎”点一杯绿豆冰或者一碗沙茶面,人生幸福莫过于此。   1993年,石鼓路扩宽后,大榕树“站在”了路中间。但附近居民并不觉得它突兀,“感觉它像个守护孩子上下学的老人,车辆经过它身边都会减速”。   [相关]   马巷居民送别400多岁古榕树   厦门网-海西晨报讯(记者陈晓青)“小心一点,再慢一点……”昨日上午,马巷镇政府组织市容管理中队、马巷交警中队、后亭社区志愿者等部门,对位于巷南 路马巷车站对面的一棵400多年历史的大榕树实施“搬家工程”。台风过后,这棵古榕树倒了,大部分树根裸露在外。听闻当天它要搬家,附近居民都围了过来。   “我们为古榕树找了个更舒适的新家。”据马巷镇城管办主任王建闽介绍,古榕树的新家将安在约3公里外的725所街头绿地公园内,那里已经事先挖好了一个直径约7米、深度1.5米的大坑,能让整棵树的树根完全被覆盖。   昨日9时许,倒伏的大榕树枝杈开始被截断,一辆50吨级的大型吊车先将枝杈移走,随后启动挖掘机和叉车等,连树带根慢慢吊起。“这棵古榕树主干周长约有8米,总吨位有二三十吨,必须调大吊车来。”现场工作人员告诉记者。   昨日下午5点多,古榕树被安全搬到新家。“我们会全力挽救它的生命,希望它能挺过这个难关。”翔安区建设局绿化办工作人员小叶告诉记者。相关的主题文章:

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