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16 the wild climbing tour pal trapped 1 people fell 30 meters cliff injured – Sohu news of JINGWAH Times News (reporter Chang Xin) last night, 16 in the port of East Lake Fangshan District Shidu Town Tour pal scenic trapped wild mountain, 11 people and 5 people separated, 5 people and one fell off the cliff. Finally, the fire brigade and the blue sky rescue team will all trapped rescued. The day before yesterday (September 16th) at 19:13, Fangshan fire brigade Shangfangshan fire squadron command center received the alarm, located in East Lake Fangshan District port town of Shidu scenic hills there are a number of tour pal trapped, and fell down from the cliff tour pal seriously, Fangshan detachment Shangfangshan fire squadron dispatched a fire engine, 7 fire officers and soldiers rushed to the scene to implement the rescue. 20:32 arrived at the foot of the trapped area, quickly with the territorial police station to understand the situation, and the development of rescue measures. Squadron 6 officers and police officers to carry a professional rescue equipment in a local guide to the mountains under the guidance of a mountain search and rescue. There is no mobile phone signal in the mountains, low visibility at night, rugged mountain road, dense vegetation, and complex terrain, steep slope, the rescue work has brought great difficulties. After more than three hours of searching, yesterday (September 17th) at 1:20 in the morning, the fire brigade rescue by turns to shout, hear the trapped echo, according to voice found among 11 trapped personnel. After understanding the trapped tour pal group a total of 16 people, due to lost in the mountain, the 11 trapped with 5 other tour pal 5 separated, separated the tour pal status is unknown, can not get in touch. Subsequently, the rescue workers will be transferred to the 11 trapped under the mountain safety zone. At this time, blue rescue team in the local guide and found 5 trapped among the 1 Tour pal tour pal, fell off a cliff. Rescue workers take the delta point fixed way, success will fall more than 30 meters of the cliff tour pal rescued, then taken to hospital for treatment.相关的主题文章:

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