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In 2017 ten things of concern on the first day to collect more than 200 recommendations of the newspaper news (reporter Tang Yu) yesterday is my city community oriented for the 2017 municipal government for the "ten things" on the first day of the people, the Yangtze River daily through 6 ways to collect a total of more than 200 pieces of advice and opinions. From the first day of collection, the repair of damaged roads, get through the broken road, environmental pollution is the most urgent problem to be solved. "Hongshan District, University City area Baishazhou Huangjiahu road seriously damaged, dust flying all over the sky. The broken road, such as the Western Medicine University HUANGJIAHU Road, Lishui road in Hubei to Wuhan business school, nearly 200 meters of duantoulu reflect the times without repair; Huangjiahu Lake Road to the Wuhan City University Business School section has not been repaired. These infrastructure are seriously affected the local teachers and students and residents travel." Public Wang Qiang through the Yangtze River daily official WeChat message said, hoping to be included in the matter in 2017 ten practical things to benefit the people. In this regard, the reporter to the Hongshan District Urban Management Committee staff understand that the relevant construction units are stepping up the construction and repair of these roads. Netizen "Omori _" through the Yangtze River daily official micro-blog sent a suggestion that will soon be winter, haze days intensified, now the site dust pollution on-line monitoring facilities have been installed in place, the site spraying dust equipment over to complete the task, but whenever I passed the construction site, did not see the project in the use of these dust equipment. The night is also in the construction. This netizen suggested that dust pollution will continue to be classified as government ten practical things. Collect in 6 ways in the recommendation of the general public around to alleviate traffic congestion and rectify the property management, clean streets and residential garbage box, grill remediation Jeeves, noise control, regulate residential parking management, solve problems and improve the education of children of foreign accounts handicapped facilities, suggestions focus on rural left-behind children work etc.. Net friend suggested extract > > > my heart is still: in the new residential area just stay, but there is always a contradiction with the owners of property companies. Property fees, parking fees, elevators, advertising, express mail, dogs and so on, are related to the quality of life and happiness index. So, I think ten things in 2017, there must be one – regulate property management. Tomorrow’s sunshine: Happy canteen creative in Wuhan, should be gradually promoted in Wuhan, and as one of the ten things in 2017 in Wuhan. Because of the accelerated pace of aging, the elderly self-care ability to gradually decline; eating is a big problem, there is a public dining room can solve difficult to eat; happy canteen is the next step to solve the old direction. Shi Lei: I think we should solve the problem of children’s education in the field of household registration, or as soon as possible to implement the residence permit system. DG: the lake is the most beautiful in Wuhan a business card, but no improvement in water quality improvement, there are still a lot of sewage straight row of lakes. In 2017 ten things, should be in the lake governance efforts, completely solve the black water, foul water into the lake. Yun Shu: Optics Valley travel too crowded, should speed up the Optics Valley Metro Line 2 South extension line speed相关的主题文章:

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