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Children with indigestion relief massage skills 3 acupoint child indigestion mainly for persistent or recurrent upper abdominal pain, bloating, early satiety, belching, acid regurgitation, heartburn, anorexia, nausea and vomiting and other symptoms of digestive dysfunction. The child if this happens and how to care? How to care for 1 children with indigestion, for small babies, Changbiaoxianwei Yinai, older children often have vomiting, not serious, vomit sour. 2, children with anorexia, abdominal distension, hyperactive bowel sounds, even without a stethoscope could be heard in the belly "grunt". 3, bad breath. Lacteal dyspepsia in the stomach, often the first occurrence of bad breath, especially morning breath for acid milk and food stagnation, clinical called high indigestion. This phenomenon, can be a poor appetite for a meal, in order to facilitate the recovery of gastrointestinal function. 4, fecal odor. With a little undigested food residue, although not dilute diarrhea, diarrhea has been threatened, at this time should be immediately reduced diet, to be adjusted, can avoid the occurrence of diarrhea. Dyspepsia baby how to massage? A massage is the four horizontal stripes is four in the palm, food, and the ring finger from the fingertip, direction number of second stripes. Parents can let children four fingers close together, from the index finger to the horizontal stripes, so 1 ~ 2 minutes. The two is based on the hole hole in the door kneading Banmen palm thenar plane. Parents can use the thumb rubbing this point, the operation lasted for 1 ~ 2 minutes. Three is the abdomen to the navel as the center, with the palm surface around the navel clockwise Anrou 50, then counterclockwise rubbing 50. If parents can give the baby a week to do three times the above treatment and long-term adherence, will help the baby healthy growth.

小儿消化不良缓解技巧 按摩3穴位   孩子消化不良主要表现为持续存在或反复发作的上腹痛腹胀、早饱、嗳气、厌食、烧心、反酸、恶心呕吐等消化功能障碍症状。孩子如果出现这种情况又该如何护理呢?   小儿消化不良该怎么护理   1、对于小婴儿,常表现为溢奶,稍大孩子常有呕吐,一般不严重,呕吐物有酸味。   2、患儿食欲减退、腹胀、肠鸣音亢进,甚至不用听诊器也可听到肚子的“咕噜”叫声。   3、口臭。乳食积滞于胃脘,往往先发生口臭,特别是晨起口臭口酸为乳食停滞的表现,临床称此为高位停食。有这种现象时,可减食或停食一顿,以利于肠胃功能的恢复。   4、大便恶臭。伴随少许不消化食物残渣时,虽未稀泄,已有伤食泄之先兆,此时应马上减少饮食量,予以调整,可避免泄泻的发生。   宝宝消化不良如何按摩?   一是推拿四横纹   四横纹是在手掌面,食、中、无名、小指从指尖方向数第二条横纹。家长可以让宝宝四指并拢,从食指横纹推向小指横纹,这样操作1~2分钟。   二是按揉板门穴   板门穴在手掌面大鱼际平面。家长可以用拇指按揉此穴位,操作持续1~2分钟。   三是摩腹   以肚脐为中心,用手掌面绕肚脐顺时针按揉50下,再逆时针按揉50下。家长如果能每周给宝宝做三次上述治疗并长期坚持,会帮助宝宝健健康康地成长。相关的主题文章:

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