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37 "cavalry charge" today the beta thunder explosion in three three rockfall background prototype, original new battle mode swims 37 "cavalry charge" will open beta today, the game will play with the three story into the most exciting combination, let game player experience the game at the same time, can feel as if through three in history, a familiar name, a classic battle, will let you lead a person to endless aftertastes! "Cavalry charge" official website: Wei, Shu and Wu three forces consisted of three, 37 "cavalry charge" in the game player in the world map, can have as many as 120 City, free troops rattling, to fully experience the Three Kingdoms blood supremacy, round your exalted, grand dream of world conquest the! Players can choose according to the forces, the capital from the various forces to open the journey. Distribution: Northern Wei forces capital: Luoyang South Wu capital: Capital: Chengdu Jianye West Shu camp combat strategy plays an important role can not be ignored in the battle, in the "37" cavalry charge, the game uses multi unit real-time battle mode, let the game player can choose according to the fighting strategy suitable for themselves. With perfect posture, win every battle, game player can simultaneously battle 5 generals, the generals sent each battle can be more combat troops. There are many different types of replacement of generals generals in 37 "cavalry charge" in the game, each military commander and belong to different units, according to the various characteristics of the terrain game player to choose the most suitable military generals, in order to play its biggest effect, so before the fighting began, game player should not only choose to battle the generals according to terrain according to the characteristics of each other’s strategic choice for their own combat formation, so in order to play the extreme tactics in battle. Choose "37" tactical cavalry charge the game player can choose to battle the generals in the war before, after the war to the enemy troops, select the corresponding grams of troops. The generals with rage, can provide maximum intensity of the attacks, when anger reaches release condition, can choose the corresponding tactics, each military commander of troops is to limit the number of generals head the upper left shows the number of troops can be sent. "37 troops" cavalry charge by the fate of the church developed a SLG web game. With the background of three game prototype, created a new battle mode, multi unit real-time operation, any free collocation play game player real-time arms tactics. At the same time enjoy the hitherto unknown huge war scenes, thousands of ships of war, thousands of blood waters, forests and archers ambush more million tons of Rolling Stone Mountain Warfare defense. For the reduction of the real game player real battlefield during the Three Kingdoms period. More "cavalry charge please visit:" the game more fun "games in 37 Games: Sina statement: sina.com.cn posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章:

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