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5 IS suspects arrested in Germany including 1 core figure original title: five IS suspects arrested in Germany including a "core" in new network on 9 November, according to foreign media reports, five members of the extremist organization Islamic state (IS) suspects at 8 local time in Germany were arrested, including a by German authorities over the years as a central figure in the German extremists. These arrested persons suspected of Islamic state to recruit new forces. Reported that the five men were arrested from Iraq’s "Abu, who was German? Vara" terrorism and Constitution Protection Agency for many years as a central figure in the German extremists. The German Federal procuratorate from the fall of 2015 has been in close investigation of Abu and his whereabouts Guevara? ". It is reported that several people were arrested for the believers are wooing younger Islam joined the so-called "Jihad" in the German state of Lowersaxony and NRW, and provide financial assistance for their departure and arrange travel. In August, German police searched a number of sites suspected of playing a role as a stronghold of extremists, including a mosque in Hildesheim. The mosque is believed to be the center of extremist sects in germany. The German security authorities for a period of time to observe, held during the Islamic preaching seminars and other activities in the mosque to attend the lecture of believers took the opportunity to leave Germany for Syria. According to German media reports, the police arrest is mainly based on a return to Germany before extremists from the Islamic state of the confession. The 22 year old man stayed in Syria Islamic state control situation for several months, then fled to Turkey, and claimed to now and the Islamic state boundaries. The man at the end of September this year in Turkey before returning to Germany had accepted an interview, and the Iraqis "Abu? Made serious allegations of Wallachia, called the ‘Islamic state’ in Germany’s number one". 8, the arrest of the five men, several people in the past have been faced with allegations of alleged support for terrorist organizations, and denied that the Islamic state associated. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章:

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