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5 kinds of behaviors that are ruining the child’s interest in reading! Sohu mother and child do not consider the wishes of the child, barely read baby, mom to tell you a story." "Come on, it’s a good story." "Oh, all right." The child is helpless to get up. Such a dialogue, whether there have been in your house? "Invited" to be forced to study together with your child, do you find that attention is not on the books you read, may look still unfinished building blocks from the upstream to the castle, it is a stimulated not read children too hot interest. If you were reading "and often interrupted game together, not only read the original good intention, such as" enjoy intimate family time "and" enrich the children’s imagination and vision "and so on, can not let the children feel at the moment, if things go on like this, will let the children tired of reading. Correction: in addition to reading, the child also needs other richer experience we often say that reading can not, should not be the most important thing in the life of children. As the saying goes, "read 10000 books is that children should have more experience of reading, such as games, hiking and so on, so as to let the children happier and healthier. So, to cultivate children’s good reading habits, how to arrange the time for reading? Reading time of the day, before going to bed can choose a fixed period of time (such as every day not less than 20 minutes), let the agreed reading time every day looking forward to become a child. Other times, just as good as you like. Not to choose books, children interest oriented "Mom, you gave me to read" hungry snake "." "Oh, you are 6 years old, but also to see such a naive book, ah, you read this book when you were 2 years old." "You read me" who is "in my head"." "Now that you have grown up, you should have a look at the popular science stories like" Insect Records "." A child with a book, silently turned away. I don’t know if you’ve ever made the mistake of holding a book that you think is useful or suitable for your child, and rarely asks if the child really likes it. If the child’s long-term response to reading cold or simply do not like, adults often give the child a label: my child does not like reading. Without thinking, why children don’t like reading. Correction: choose books, to take into account the interests of the child if the child likes the book to the child before, and they read together, do not like to read very little children. Choose reading books for children, how to balance both to the child’s preferences and guide? And can read the number in a day when the children agreed, in part by the child free decision; the other part, give mom and dad to choose. Read, stop to ask children ", blue and yellow together into what color?" "Madelyn is which country kids? Look, what is the name of the famous building?" "well, honey," the little fish "story. Tell mom what is the truth of this story?".相关的主题文章:

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