儿童网游暗藏“色魔”父母亲又如何看待?Children’s online maniac hidden parents and how to treat

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Children’s online "maniac" hidden parents and how to treat?


Young children lack self-control and resolution, and are easily guided by incorrect values. As a parent, should consciously as soon as possible for children of both sexes popularization education, male and female students respectively by father and mother to guide, "which is to say, you don’t say there will be other people say, but not necessarily the right direction".

[hidden] online child rapist recently, something happened with hair standing on end. It is reported that some people in Dongguan, a primary school students WeChat group peddling pornographic video, psychological experts said parents should intervene as soon as possible minor gender education. On the evening of December 19th, Mr. Yang, from Liaobu Town, Dongguan, discovered that his 10 year old son had spent 20 yuan on 10 small movies on WeChat. The content of the small movie turned out to be obscene. To his surprise, some other WeChat groups in the children’s class also sold small yellow movies to students at the price of $2.

[hidden] online child rapist Yang vigilance, because there are people with his QQ to the "little girl" was issued a "OK" message. Mr. Yang guessed that he was reading his son in grade three, and that his QQ was on his cell phone, or that his son had logged into his QQ. So, Mr. Yang quietly picked up his son’s cell phone, looked through his son’s QQ chat record, only to find that "little girl" gave his son sent 10 small yellow film, each size of about 100~300 trillion. "These two days, I saw the child always staring at the phone, forgot the QQ password, also suddenly let me tell him, and asked me to his WeChat to 20 yuan.". I thought he sent red envelopes to his classmates, but I didn’t expect to buy them." Mr. Yang said, the son also buy toys for uncle to 300 yuan, "fortunately, I found in time, otherwise, really afraid of these video will affect his life."."

[hidden] online child rapist in a "Flower Fairy" children games on social networks, people have to pay for prepaid card vouchers, to lure girls naked chat, and even the line with the implementation of indecency. "Little Fairy" is a network game based on children’s virtual community launched by Shanghai rice washing Network Technology Co., Ltd. in 2010. According to the previous publicity, this game is mainly for girls between 6 and 14 years old. The game changes the role by completing tasks such as gardening and recharging Mika and other coupons. In addition, the player can also interact with other players in the game and add friends. According to the news, players reflect, this behavior from 2012 has appeared on the game platform, 6 years has been there.

[hidden] online child rapist hope this event can get some departments to stop, parents can do to children first teachers should be the responsibility and obligation.


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