儿童网游暗藏色魔 对话内容十分露骨 Children online conversations are explicit hidden rapist

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儿童网游暗藏色魔 对话内容十分露骨 Children online conversations are explicit hidden rapist



















Mobile game has become a hot fishing for gold, and even a lot of hand travel is specially developed for children. But it is estimated that parents did not expect, the so-called children’s hand travel, even hidden satyr! They have nothing to do with seducing girls!

There was a call in the children’s game:

"Let’s see Mika.""

There is an online game that focuses on girls between the ages of 6 and 14. Games can be done by planting flowers or other tasks, or recharge Mika card coupons, to change the role. In addition, the player can also interact with other players in the game and add friends.

The day before, there are users in the micro-blog bid, in the children’s games on social networks, people have to pay for free card coupons as bait to lure girls naked chat, and even the line with the implementation of indecency.

More than a game of senior players reflect to reporters, the Internet broke the news is true, they often see girls in the game to lure advertising. These people usually in the game interactive section "world" in the propaganda, shouting such as "video send Mika", "let’s see the body to send Mika" and other words, and leave their QQ number, seduce the girl initiative to add.

According to friends broke the news, since 2012 has been used in the game and recharge coupons lure young girls hair Nude Nude video……

It is understood that, shortly after the user broke the news, the game will be closed, you can send advertising, chat and message boards. But so far, the game is still running.

Players broke the news:

Game clothes for free

The 11 year old girl took off her clothes and took video

Xiaoqiu (a pseudonym), is a senior game player of the game. She has been aware of the existence of these men since 2013.

She told reporters: "the game will be a week of several sets of free clothing, but these clothes are usually ugly, good-looking clothes all need to use" Mika "to buy.

"Now a suit is probably 3 to 5 Mika, that is, 30 to 50 or so."

Pelle said, men who seduce girls naked chat, perhaps for the purpose of eliminating girls’ wariness, but also in the message board to complete the transaction to release from the girls.

In 2013, the game had Pelle met a girl cheated, the girl is only 11 years old.

Pelle said: "we praise each other’s character, she said that her dress is part of the world of men to buy her clothes off, the price is to shoot the video."

In June this year, he was the 4 men long exposure in the game into the QQ number of the girls in Post Bar, she even and a few of the senior game player was "anti counterfeiting team", Mika girls and these men need to communicate. The content of these conversations is very explicit, men bluntly request strip video, and some are still drying out in the QQ space transaction record, more men said that he had online about the girl to be molested.相关的主题文章:

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