Guangdong Media Guangdong test at the beginning of the semi-final not shed skin to pass wegener肉芽肿

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Guangdong Media: Guangdong test at the beginning of the semi-final not shed skin difficult to cross the border the regular season Liaoning beat third Guangdong series, finally have some playoff appearance, face host Guangdong, Shandong was leading nearly two digits, the situation is very fierce. However, the final victory, is still the Southern China tigers, they beat the Shandong 125:105 score, with 3:0’s big score, 14 consecutive season promotion semi-finals. Liaoning, which also scored a big 3:0 in the series, will be Guangdong’s rival in the semifinals of Zhejiang. The playoffs will start in February 26th at the Dongguan basketball center. The field before the game, Guangdong has made big score 2:0 leading match points out the series almost no suspense, and yesterday Dongguan and a day of rain, but these factors do not weaken Dongguan fans enthusiasm, basketball center is still about 9 into attendance. Is the service, Zhu Fangyu 31, three 9 investment 7, after the game, his occupation career breakthrough score 11000 points. Carter or Bynum? This is a problem of series three, Shandong is clearly not a burden, the opening of a fierce offensive game, especially Beasley and Jett’s horror feel let Hongyuan a bit stupid, the first half has not pulled away. The second half was the key, except for the big heart Yi Jianlian, Zhu Fangyu, and Carter. This has been repeatedly praised the foreign coach Du Feng, completely follows the European basketball share style, and the body quality, excellent jumping ability, after Du Feng again said, "Carter is a very big help for the team." And that has become a "sweet annoyance" for the Guangdong coaching staff". Although not playing, but the fans are worried about the "big brother" Bynum twice came to the scene to watch his condition how? Du Feng also did not give a precise answer, "feedback or to see a doctor, he pulled two times already this season, who did not dare to adventure, and even if he fully recovered, he also had a long time not to play the game, so the coach who will continue to consider the group." Compared to Shandong, Liaoning was more difficult although smoothly through the first round of the playoffs, but for the test of Guangdong apparently has just begun. Similarly, 3:0, who swept Liaoning, will meet with the Southern China tigers in the semifinals. This season, the two teams in the regular season in the two fight, Southern China tigers are falling, the first battle, Hongyuan home to 17 points to defeat, to the second round, Hongyuan lost to Hodson’s Quasi lore. The regular season double play opponents record, will undoubtedly make Liaoning in the semifinals of psychological dominance. But the desire for victory is equally strong. Last season, Liaoning lost to the defending champion Beijing, runner up, no one more than they expect a team history first crown, and for the Southern China tigers, have experienced difficulties and downs before the half of the conventional D, they want to prove themselves in the playoffs, facing Liaoning, more won’t hesitate. The two sides of the semi-final showdown, don’t shed a layer of skin is very difficult to get out. Interestingly, both Du Feng and Guo Shiqiang are talking about the opponent before the game. They said almost the same thing in the interview.

粤媒:广东考验刚开始 半决赛不蜕层皮难过关 常规赛辽宁双杀了广东   系列赛的第三场,总算有了些季后赛的样子,面对东道主广东,山东一度领先接近两位数,战况非常激烈。不过,最终拿下胜利的,依然是华南虎,他们以125:105的比分击溃山东,以3:0的大比分,连续14个赛季晋级半决赛。   而与浙江的系列赛中同样以大比分3:0晋级的辽宁,将成为广东在半决赛中的对手。双方的季后赛首战,将于2月26日在东莞篮球中心拉开大幕。   本场赛前,广东已经大比分2:0领先取得赛点,拿下系列赛几乎没有悬念,加上昨日东莞又下了一天的雨,但这些因素并没有减弱东莞球迷的观战热情,篮球中心仍保持了9成左右的上座率。是役,朱芳雨得到31分,三分球9投7中,此役过后,他的职业生涯总分突破11000分。   卡特还是拜纳姆?这是个问题   系列赛第三轮,山东显然更没有包袱,比赛一开场凌厉的攻势,特别是比斯利和杰特的恐怖手感让宏远有点懵,上半场一直没有把比分拉开。下半场的剧情关键,除了大心脏易建联、朱芳雨,还有卡特。这位屡次被主帅杜锋夸赞的外援,完全沿用了欧洲篮球的分享风格,而且身体素质、弹跳力极佳,杜锋赛后再一次说,“卡特对于球队的帮助非常大。”   而这也成为了广东教练组的“甜蜜的烦恼”。虽然不能上场,但球迷们牵挂的“大头哥”拜纳姆连续两场都来到了现场观战,他的身体情况究竟如何?杜锋也没有给出准确答复,“还是要看医生的反馈,他这个赛季已经拉伤两次了,谁也不敢冒险,而且就算他完全恢复了,他也有很久没上场比赛了,所以接下来用谁,教练组还得继续考虑。”   比起山东,辽宁难打得多   虽然顺利闯过季后赛首轮,但对于广东的考验显然才刚刚开始。同样3:0横扫对手的辽宁,将会与华南虎在半决赛中相遇。本赛季,两队在常规赛中的两次交手,华南虎皆落下风,首场交锋,宏远主场以17分落败,到了第二轮,宏远则输给了哈德森的准绝杀。   常规赛双杀对手的战绩,无疑会让辽宁在半决赛中心理占优。但对于胜利的渴求,双方同样强烈。上赛季,辽宁输给卫冕冠军北京,屈居亚军,没人比他们更期待一个队史首冠了,而对于华南虎来说,经历了常规赛前半段的困难与起伏d,他们很想在季后赛证明自己,面对辽宁,更不会手软。双方的半决赛对决,不蜕一层皮都很难全身而退。   有趣的是,无论是杜锋还是郭士强,在比赛前都避谈对手。他们在采访中说出了几乎一样的话,“只有等一个系列赛打完了,我们才会去考虑下一个系列赛要怎么做。”看来,只有到了26日,球迷们才能知道双方会用怎样的招数来打好首战。相关的主题文章:

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