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Shenzhen Tong countdown Shanghai shares through reverse funds bought a net 600 million yuan [Abstract] A shares closed up this week whether there is uncertainty, but from the latest data, the funds to lighten up down, Shanghai and Hong Kong through funds but over consecutive days of net selling yesterday, nearly 600 million yuan of net buying. Today is 2016 A shares in the last trading day of eleven before the holiday, is holding the holidays or cash holidays, to make a final decision. Since the September 26th crash, so this week A shares closed up whether there is uncertainty. But from the latest data, the funds to lighten up down, Shanghai and Hong Kong through funds but over consecutive days of net selling yesterday, nearly 600 million yuan of net buying. Many agencies believe that in the end of the season after the disappearance of negative factors, more institutions that in Shenzhen and Hong Kong through the RMB and officially joined the SDR positive stimulus, A shares in October should be a wave of rebound, firms have even suggested that investors began to semi warehouse after the opening, back into the attack and defend. The table, Guangzhou Daily reporter Zhang Zhongan Guangzhou daily news September 28th evening, Hong Kong’s official website published a series of Shenzhen and Hong Kong through information, to facilitate market parties ready for business and technology. At the same time, the company said, the Hongkong market is expected to will do a good job of Shenzhen and Hong Kong through the preparations for the implementation in the mid to late 11, but the Shenzhen Hong Kong through the opening time to be ready for market, and the mainland and Hongkong SFC approved the implementation of. In September 28th, the postal savings bank H-share listing ceremony, HKEx chief executive officer Li Xiaojia said, the next few weeks, to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange comprehensive review of these work, will choose a Shenzhen Hong Kong gate "a lucky day". Therefore, some institutions that, according to the position of senior year, Shenzhen all car has entered the countdown, the early part of high-quality stocks can adjust more appropriate layout of short-term opportunities. In the secondary market, Tuesday directly benefit brokerage stocks Shenzhen and Hong Kong through the first counterattack, an average increase of more than 2%, the Pacific, the first venture, the Yuan Securities have good performance. CICC analyst Wang Hanfeng said that in the short to medium term, benefit from the Shenzhen Hong Kong through the main target is the Hongkong market and the stock of A shares relative scarcity of high-quality stocks. The Milky Way Securities chief strategist Sun Jianbo pointed out that the Shenzhen Hong Kong through launch A stock valuation system will further mature market valuation system with international standards, the valuation of certain repair of A shares of blue chips. At the same time, positive broker, especially in Hong Kong brokerage, brokerage commissions in Hongkong because of higher rates, greater flexibility. In addition, A shares underestimate the value of the performance of growth stocks Whitehorse, consumer stocks and high dividend stocks will be favored by foreign capital. A brokerage investment adviser pointed out that the short-term A shares on the market to cautious optimism, recommend appropriate opening. "If the positions of the heavy, can be properly adjusted, if the positions below 50%, the proposed added 50% positions. So after the retreat into the attack." In the allocation of stock assets, Ping An Securities analyst Wei Wei believes that the fourth quarter, relatively optimistic about the cycle sector and defensive sector, to recommend appropriate configuration of coal, nonferrous metals, chemicals, food and beverage and pharmaceutical quality stocks. About A shrinking share market A shares continued low consolidation, but yesterday in the brokerage, coal and other heavyweights led, Shanghai and Shenzhen two closing both red, on)

深港通倒计时 沪股通资金逆转净买入6亿元 [摘要]本周A股能否收涨还存在不确定性,但从最新数据看,资金减仓放缓,沪港通资金反而结束连续多日净卖出,昨日净买入近6亿元。今天是2016年A股“十一”长假前的最后一个交易日,是持股过节还是持币过节,要做最后的决断。由于9月26日的大跌,令本周A股能否收涨还存在不确定性。但从最新数据看,资金减仓放缓,沪港通资金反而结束连续多日净卖出,昨日净买入近6亿元。不少机构认为,在季末等利空因素消失后,更多机构认为在深港通和人民币正式加入SDR等利好刺激下,10月份A股应该有一波反弹,有券商甚至建议投资者开始加仓至半仓,节后进可攻退可守。文、表 广州日报记者张忠安广州日报讯 9月28日晚间,港交所在其官网刊发一系列深港通资料,以便于市场各方做好业务和技术准备。与此同时,港交所表示,预计香港市场将于11月中下旬做好实施深港通的准备,但深港通具体开通时间须待市场准备就绪,并取得内地和香港证监会的批准方能落实。而在9月28日邮储银行H股上市仪式上,港交所行政总裁李小加透露,未来几个星期,待港交所全面审视完这些工作后,将选择一个深港通开闸的“黄道吉日”。因此,部分机构认为,根据今年以来高层的表态,深港通通车已经进入倒计时,部分前期调整较多的优质个股可以适当布局短线机会。在二级市场上,周四直接受益深港通的券商股率先反攻,平均涨幅超过2%,太平洋、第一创业、国元证券等都表现不错。中金公司分析师王汉峰表示,从短期到中期,受益深港通的标的主要是香港市场大盘及中盘股票中的A 股相对稀缺的优质个股。银河证券首席策略分析师孙建波则指出,深港通推出后A 股估值体系将进一步与国际成熟市场估值体系接轨,对A 股大盘蓝筹股有一定的估值修复作用。同时,利好券商,尤其是在港券商,因为香港券商佣金费率更高,弹性更大。另外,A股低估值有业绩的白马成长股、消费股以及高股息股票也会受到境外资金的青睐。有券商投资顾问指出,短期对A股市场转向谨慎乐观,建议适当加仓。“若仓位较重,可适当调整,若持仓在五成以下的,建议加到五成仓位。这样节后退可守进可攻。”在股票资产配置上,平安证券分析师魏伟认为,四季度,相对看好周期板块和防御性板块,建议适当配置煤炭、有色、化工、食品饮料和医药等优质个股。关注缩量A股市场情况A股持续低位盘整,但昨日在券商、煤炭等权重股带动下,沪深两市收盘双双翻红,上证指数上涨0.36%。 A股资金甩卖压力减缓,反而出现积极信号。据交易所数据显示,周四沪股通每日额度130亿元剩余124.13亿元,余额占额度百分比为95%,净流入5.87亿元,结束前三交易日净流出。同时,A股大单净流出周四结束,并出现近5亿元的净买入,为最近15个交易日以来的最好水平。有分析人士表示,部分利空因素在10月份消失,预计3000点以下或附近A股的压力有望减缓。有券商提醒客户,可以根据自己的资金和风险承受能力状况适当加仓。(广州日报)相关的主题文章:

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