Hongkong Wangjiao unrest has caused more than 80 police officers were injured – Sohu news 爱多vcd

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Hongkong Wangjiao unrest has caused more than 80 police officers were injured – Sohu news Liang Zhenying to visit the injured police under Chief Executive Liang Zhenying today (February 9th) met with the media of the transcript in the morning: Queen Elizabeth Hospital Chief Executive: today morning in Mong Kok riots, now the statistics there are over eighty police officers and four journalists were injured. I just went to the Security Bureau and director of the Caritas hospital, now came to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital to visit the injured police colleagues, also from their mouth personally understand the incident after. Most of my colleagues are visiting the police bricks attacked and injured, may also be one of my colleagues, fractures, according to these colleagues said the situation at that time is really very bad, some colleagues said the mob seems to have lost the rational, they continue to throw bricks surrounded by police officers, police officers, but also close holding a brick on a police officer, a colleague of head injuries, according to a colleague said, these thugs they are in a wave of attacks and in turn surrounded by police, so this thing is really need everyone’s condemnation, we absolutely can not let such things happen again. Thank you

香港旺角骚乱已致超过80名警员受伤-搜狐新闻 梁振英看望受伤警察   以下是行政长官梁振英今日(二月九日)上午在伊利沙伯医院会见传媒的谈话全文:   行政长官∶今日凌晨在旺角发生的骚乱,现在的统计有超过八十名警务人员和四位新闻工作者受伤,我和保安局局长刚才去了明爱医院,现在来到伊利沙伯医院探望受伤的警察同事,亦从他们口中亲自了解事发的经过。大部分我探望的警察同事都是被砖头袭击受伤,亦可能我的同事有骨折的情况,据这些同事说当时的情况确实是十分恶劣的,有些同事还说这些暴徒似乎已经丧失理性,他们不断向警务人员掷砖头,包围警务人员,而且还近距离拿着砖头扑警务人员,有一位同事头部受伤,而据一位同事说,这些暴徒他们是一浪接一浪轮流攻击和包围警察,所以这件事确实是需要大家的谴责,我们绝对不能够让类似的事情再次发生。谢谢。相关的主题文章:

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