Lv Popo said would never return to this home 追踪309

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Lv Popo once said that she would never want to go back to this home and talk about the scene that happened in March 21st this year. Her neighbors still remember her. "She was beating her mother-in-law and kicking her fists."." Ms. Lai came forward to persuade, but Yan Moumou and not listen to advice, "we really can not see it."." So, the villagers call the alarm phone. Local police quickly arrived at the scene, the strict XX brought back to the police station investigation. Through interrogation, Yan Moumou admits the fact that the elderly have been abused for a long time. In March 23rd, Yan Moumou was detained by the police on suspicion of constituting a crime of maltreatment. According to the village leader Wang Zhaofu introduced a few years ago, Yan Moumou husband Yang Zhaode suffering from hepatitis and other diseases, can not do heavy work, home by Yan Moumou a person to do farm work, but also to take care of 70 year old and two minor children. In March this year, Yang Zhaode found out suffering from uremia, can only rely on dialysis to maintain life, around the debt treatment. On the 13 day, Yang Zhaode repeatedly stressed in the interview with the Chengdu Business Daily reporter, the contradiction at home is caused by his illness. Lv Popo once said that he would never want to return to this family. But since the daughter-in-law was taken away, Lu mother-in-law thought of the family’s children and sick son unattended, and once again love dearly, "she is my daughter-in-law after all, without her home, this family collapsed."." In Yan Moumou case before the hearing, Lu mother wrote a letter of understanding, hope that the judges involved.

吕婆婆曾表示 再也不愿意回这个家   说起今年3月21日发生的那一幕,邻居赖女士仍记忆犹新,“她(严某某)打骂自己的婆婆,拳脚相加。”赖女士上前劝,但严某某并不听劝,“我们都实在看不下去了。”于是,村民拨打了报警电话。   当地民警很快赶到现场,将严某某带回派出所调查。通过审问,严某某承认了长期虐待老人的事实。3月23日,因涉嫌构成虐待罪,严某某被警方刑事拘留。   据村组长王朝甫介绍,前几年,严某某的丈夫杨朝德患上肝炎等病,不能干重活,家里全靠严某某一个人干农活,还要照顾70岁的老人以及两个未成年儿女。今年3月份,杨朝德又查出患上尿毒症,只能靠透析维持生命,四处举债治病。13日,杨朝德在接受成都商报记者采访时反复强调,家里的矛盾是由于他生病造成的。   吕婆婆曾表示,再也不愿意回这个家。但自从儿媳被带走后,吕婆婆想到家里的小孩及患病的儿子无人照看,又再次心疼起来,“她毕竟是我的儿媳妇,家里没她,这个家就垮了。”在严某某一案开庭审理前,吕婆婆写下谅解书,希望法官轻判。相关的主题文章:

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