Stop over Fuzhou South Park scooter park a security kick in pregnant women 姉summer

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Stop over Fuzhou South Park scooter park a security kick pregnant women Strait news network November 15th (Strait Metropolis Daily reporter Zhang Zhihong) the day before 3 pm, by stopping the scooter Park, Fuzhou South Park, a security guard and a pregnant woman dispute, finally moving his hand, kicked the security of pregnant women, pregnant 9 months pregnant due to uterine pain hospitalized for observation. At present, the police have retrieved the surveillance video, is under investigation. Families: Security kick pregnant women caused by their admission to the hospital as a result of the observation, the pregnant woman surnamed Xu, who lives in a small area near the South park. Yesterday, Ms. Xu’s cousin Lin issued a "security kicking pregnant women in the circle of friends in WeChat! Has led to uterine pain in hospital……" Posts, triggering concern. The reporter found Miss Lin, Lin introduced, the day before yesterday afternoon, my cousin and sister with her 6 year old boy went to South Park, children riding on a scooter to enter the park, by a guard, security will take to the park scooter door, cousin immediately rushed forward to ask the security said that the park regulations prohibit scooter into the park, to put the scooter at the gate of the park. For fear of losing the scooter, cousin said after the scooter folding into the park in the park, guaranteed not to play, but refused to say security. Miss Lin said, the two sides quarrel, cousin came ready to get back a scooter, in pulling kicked security kick, but did not play to the guard directly one leg kick in the cousin’s stomach, causing uterine cousin pain, immediately notify the family came to the hospital, after observation. Fortunately, after the hospital examination nothing, and now at home to rest." The security was quite angry: the other first hands yesterday, the reporters came to the South Sea Park, found the parties of Zheng Xing bao. Zheng security, park regulations, banned scooters park the day before yesterday afternoon, they patrol in the park at the entrance, found the child on a scooter Park, then immediately stepped forward to stop, and that scooter can be placed in the gate of the park, there are security patrols, generally will not be lost, or on the bicycle park, spend 1 dollars deposit. But that is not willing to pregnant women, bent on scooter into the park, and came to grab the scooter, also played his first hands-on. "It was mostly before she had been insulting and swearing, so I kicked her." Zheng Security said, was quite angry, did not think the other is pregnant. Park security team Chen monitor told reporters, on both sides of the conflict, the security team immediately to the Xingang police station, police station rushed to the scene investigation, and the transfer of the scene monitoring video, and now they are working with the police investigation. According to the Xingang police station to the relevant personnel, the police have retrieved the surveillance video data, the South Gate of the park is under investigation, the relevant case is not disclosed.相关的主题文章:

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