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"The Mekong River action" action deflagrated Dante Lam Mekong "make tough action" forbidding narcotics squad salute by the Bona film group produced, directed by Lin Chaoxian, Huang Jianxin, Zhang Hanyu, producer Liang Fengying, Eddie Peng starred in the blockbuster "police action" the Mekong River action, the national archives has been scheduled for release in September 30th. In August 24th at the Beijing conference, director Lin Chaoxian for driving the later failed to arrive in Thailand, but he passed a VCR to express his feelings to the presence of personnel, also sent himself personal Trailer clips for Zhang Hanyu and Eddie Peng. From the heart to the director Lin Chaoxian Zhang Hanyu, Eddie Peng was still able to bear heavier "abuse", from various melee to shooting rush, video frequency and dirt throw, "drug squad" core members of all equipment to camouflage handsome appearance, so the presence of the media hooked, but also lead to high expectations, micro-blog surged tens of thousands of pages of reading topic, netizens shouted: "see" the National Archives of the Mekong River action "!" Movie scene to restore the true zero effects to create a Chinese movie "Mekong anti-terrorism action" taken from the shock of the world’s 10.5 Mekong transnational major, 5 years ago that occurred on the Mekong massacre, killing 13 innocent people died, touched the hearts of people across the country. In order to make the film effect to respect the fact that the rate of the crew director Dante lam for hundreds of people return to the scene, spanning numerous woods, Bangkok, Malaysia, Beijing and Thailand and Yunnan, Golden Triangle area shooting depth. The horses ready, case detection is imminent, "tensions in the Mekong River action" rendering is in "the Mekong massacre occurred, the true portrayal of the policemen. In this regard, engaged in related industries after watching friends, give "Mekong River action" very sure: "the Mekong case" can be said to be the history of China’s public security investigation conditions most sources of clues to the most complex, the most special ad hoc criminal means. Preparing for the three – year – old film "Mekong River," the ‘real adaptation’ to achieve the ultimate!" From the melee, river shootout, coaster rush and air etc. to chase scenes, the actors in the film Lu Kongsan in attack line hot scenes, "the Mekong River action" rejected all effects in the filming process, are the real scene. With the real scene, and exposure for the first time at the conference, according to the actual equipment reduction produced by the "drug squad" camouflage uniforms. In the face of military helicopters, in the film chariots, domineering exposed boats and drones and other cool weaponry, and restore the true production of camouflage, netizens have already tempted viewing enthusiasm: "to the weapons from the uniforms are so elegant without any perfunctory," action "is the Mekong River in the area of conscience for!" "It’s too light! The action scenes are gorgeous, see people with live ammunition!" "This is really a journey of revenge, this is for the country killing a profound friendship, very touching a large!" In addition, netizens have also expressed by "the Mekong River action" saw China movie progress and more likely: "incomparable in the film real action scenes, and can have the same type of Hollywood blockbusters!相关的主题文章:

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