– CaSO Yingkong Shi brothers love child Luandun high incoming (video) 月丘うさぎ

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"-" CaSO Yingkong Shi brothers love Luandun high _30 > > struck the city of abuse;; > click on the video to watch "-" Tencent, Tencent entertainment news media produced by Yao off, William Feng, Victoria Song, Ma Tianyu, Zhang Meng, Medina, Kim Hee Sun starred in the fantasy epic "-" is Hunan TV diamond independent radio theater hit. "-" in love to kill the brotherhood and entanglements heart love child, causing the audience continued to chase drama, reducing fire phantom days, recently killed one original scene also received a lot of praise from the original party. Sakura empty release (Ma Tianyu ornaments) was imminent, the pear falls (Song Qianshi) back edge Syracuse, seemingly peaceful scene is actually a prelude to the heart began to abuse. William Feng Ma Tianyu brotherhood high child story tears harvester William Feng as Picasso and Ma Tianyu’s Sakura empty release between brothers, "became a major part of the city.". Sakura empty release was not the talent, regardless of their father’s death, was bullied by the buddy, but fortunately brother castle has been in the side, but also to Sakura empty release a bamboo flute, representing two people no matter how far apart, will find the significance of each other. In addition, both the two people together in the world to sell ice warm scene, or forcibly separated by the piercing, or after being apart a long time after the joy, let the audience feel the Picasso and Yingkong Shi of the brotherhood, no wonder Ma Tianyu said in an interview: "I don’t love anyone in the play. Only love my brother." In the story has aired, Sakura empty release and to sacrifice each other’s castle, also let the audience fling caution to the winds, touching it. In the ice after the end of the war, battle for the throne to become the focus of attention. Sakura empty release in order to give Castle freedom, love the people and can make castle for the rest of your life, regardless of the default choice ice king, insisted for the throne, and although no CaSO when the king, but in order not to let Sakura empty release was "cleaning" in battle. Two people seem to break the throne, it is in order to let the other side to have a happy life, high audience abuse plot have tears. Victoria Song Zhang Meng Maddie is fearless where three women belong injury earlier in the interview opened the prelude, the actor repeatedly said "-" is a "actor responsible for the beautiful flowers, the actress responsible for killing" TV series. The pear falls and Yan Dan (Zhang Mengshi) is a representative of this sentence. The pear falls from an appearance on the outfit, Yu Whitehorse, female general image on TV, Yan Dan is a word not just hot image was whiplash, lovingly known as "Princess Hot pot", even has always been gentle and lovely Princess Mermaid Sang Lan (Medina ornaments), but also for the critical moment of the King help out in CaSO, mermaid life can only sing a "siren sings," the spirit of sacrifice and dedication is impressive. In addition to the "than man is brave" image, one of the main line, Dan, pear drop Yan Sang Lan feelings of the line is also the story. Although the pear falls and CaSO sexual gratification, but eventually the God of humankind has experienced numerous hardships, CaSO face the feelings of two people with the sword of the spirit, and thus began an emergency, and Sang Lan has been the heart of castle never get a response, but she silently guarding only for a comprehensive castle. Yan Dan.相关的主题文章:

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