Suddenly the door a lot of stray dogs hut a lot of people point like some people worry 瀬名アスカ

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The door suddenly many stray dogs shed many people point like people worry – Beijing into frost in Kunming, the weather is also a day to cool at the same time, people put on thick coat of Tim clothes and trousers to have pets. Recently, who lives in Chenggong Park residents found Whelan home more than a few cabins, saying "the stray dog house". Some residents will be photographed online, attracted a lot of friends point praise, but at the same time there are some people worried. The property is not clear who built the house yesterday in Whelan Park District East Gate, the reporter saw 5 planks from the cabin roof sloping roof, painted the color pigment, very delicate. The cabin size is not the same, the 1 meters high, small also have tens of centimeters, the roof marked "dog house" and "food place". "There are four or five stray dogs in the area, but no one will give them food before, but now the district residents to give a stray dog love opportunities." Residential security, cabin just a day, there are residents with children to put food hut, evening there will be a stray dog to eat. "Now the weather is getting cold, give Gou Gouan a ‘good’, but now there is no dog in the rest." As for the people who settled, the guard said he is not clear. The reporter then found a residential property, the staff said that they did not build a house, do not know who is on the area of the house, just on the roof to write "Ozzie public.". "It is estimated that a public welfare organization, but we can not contact the person in charge of the organization." Owners worry about more stray dogs although no dogs, but Grandma home usually have leftovers, are going to feed the stray dogs in the area, as a dog person, Zhang Nainai believes that in the construction of residential "dog house", is a very intimate thing. But not all owners are accepted. Ma owners believe that stray dogs, although poor, but not to live in the district certainly not, he worried about stray dogs carrying bacteria. A stray dog hut, may provoke more stray dogs. He felt that although the establishment of these stray dog hut is a good idea, but also from the actual situation, consider the views of the majority of owners. The cloud newspaper all media reporter Zhang Xiaocheng He Jin intern reporter Zhai Wen tube Zilan sword photo相关的主题文章:

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