Discipline police Ju Guang Qi 13 years of fighting cancer rewrite攻略�

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The police in the fight against cancer gonqi: 13 years – Beijing saw the prisoners clothes broken, in gonqi will bring her from her home, for they quietly mended; release the younger man had no money to return home, home gonqi will provide travel expenses out of their own pockets; detainees mood no, in gonqi is always the first time discerned, patiently enlighten…. Since 2009 in the Jingjiang province Jiangsu City Detention Center, 7 years in the custody of detainees gonqi accumulated more than 1000, has not received any complaints, he was in charge of the prison room, it is safe to "zero accident". He seems to be able to see through the hearts of the 50 year old is a general odd Jingjiang detention center police discipline. However, Yang Xiaojiang, director of the detention center seems to live in the work of Guang Guang was not a "ordinary"". "Discipline police detention center duties may seem simple, but not easy to do well." Yang Xiaojiang admitted that the prisoners are usually complex and often give the police trouble, most detainees initially entered the detention center, the mood will be very volatile, it is difficult to effectively carry out the work. 8 however, as long as meet in gonqi, these detainees have no small change slowly. Communicate with the detainees, the first sentence is often the key. In a wide, usually not much, gentle tone he is a shy person, but as long as the detainees to talk, he can always find the entrance just perfect, open the other chatterbox. Before entering the detention center, 46 year old Zhao Mouceng is a civil servant, just entered the detention center when not to say a word. Zhao found in the monitoring of the mood is not right, in the home to his office. "He didn’t scold me coldly, but let me have a long beard shave." Zhao memories. That afternoon, Zhao will tell all of their own things. "He is different from others, very sincere, very human, really care about us". Hot summer weather, the general police discipline to the detainees to send water two times a day, but every day to give yourself gonqi in regulation 3 cells more than 30 inmates sent four or five times. Scorching summer, run down one day, ranking at least 3 odd sets of clothes. Zhou was a well-known local chief physician, was taken into custody on suspicion of bribery. At first, a huge psychological gap so downhearted Zhou several times to the end of life the idea of germination. The week of depression caused by the attention of the home of the wide odd, weekdays love to read the book in the wide odd, specifically looking for a Yu Hua novel alive to see zhou. For the residence of the odd distinction, Zhou was also very surprised, he seems to be able to see through the people". In the detention center for more than 6 months, in a wide, talk to him six or seven times, Zhou also slowly realized, "your mistakes can be corrected, there is hope for tomorrow". Most of the time, with detainees in Guangzhou will often share about heart feeling. Zhou had a prison room with a death penalty. The death of Zhou and other detainees said: "my life is to live one day less a day, and your life is to live a day away from freedom is more nearly a day." Zhou mou"相关的主题文章:

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