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Regulation of the property market freeze historical data show that after 7 months prices will fall – Sohu news October 3rd, Suzhou after the introduction of the policy, the market also appeared cool. According to Q room network monitoring data, from September 30th to October 7th this year, the transaction area showed a downward trend. The area in September 30th were 137800 square meters, October 1st turnover shrank to 49300 square meters, the area in October 2nd were also hovering around more than 40 thousand square meters, by October 3rd, only turnover of 22100 square meters, during the national day total turnover area of 410 thousand and 900 square meters. However, compared to the same period last year, a total turnover of the area is still relatively high, the transaction area of 163 thousand and 600 square meters last year. Q real new director of research department vesce said, according to the transaction market over the years, the National Day holiday property market turnover is off-season, usually showing a "2" trend, followed by the end of September high volume, enter the holiday volume plummeted, 8 days after the start of the volume recovery law. During the National Day Golden Week this year, the central deployment, the introduction of a number of major cities in the country’s regulatory policies, can clearly see the cooling effect of the policy on the market. Even as Nanjing has been a hot city, the transaction is also very limited rebound, Suzhou turnover or even a downward trend. The visible market under the policy guidance has gradually become more rational, the transaction after the fever subsided, the housing market return to the real housing demand, housing prices in the supply and demand of game actual living function, in order to maintain a healthy and steady development. Of course, the actual situation of each city is very different, the effect of the policy and market feedback also need to continue to observe. Policy intensive introduction of the impact of market expectations, the property market is expected to cool the China Index Research Institute released a report shows that after the previous policy tightening market short-term cooling significantly. Effect of purchase credit limit and other policies on the market from a limit point of view, is a significant short-term impact on the market, the volume of the first showing down trend, prices rose stabilization – or down – down three stages. According to a simple calculation, generally in 7-8 months, the price will show a downward trend. January 2011 "eight" to expand the scope of the restriction, increase purchasing power, around the restriction rules issued, after the introduction of the policy, the volume up or down quickly, prices continued to decline, the downward trend in September 2011. In February 2013 five "clear real estate regulation does not relax, one after another around the position to continue to strictly enforce the purchase volume, judging from the market, 50 City turnover represents a rapid decline, in May year on year growth of more than 3-4 months of 30% to 2% months, an increase of 6-8 turn down, the golden nine silvers ten rebound but at the end of 2014 to the first three quarters of the overall trading volume continued to decline year on year. Prices, the city price index from September 2013 began to fall, after showing a sustained decline in the situation, until September 2014 fell to lows in recent years. In Shenzhen and Suzhou, for example, in September 2010 the introduction of the purchase of Shenzhen rules, in 2013 reiterated the strict implementation of the purchase, 20.相关的主题文章:

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