Acura GAC All-Star lineup unveiled at the Chengdu Auto Show jcuv是什么车

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Acura GAC All-Star lineup unveiled at the Chengdu auto show in September 2nd, the concern of the nineteenth Chengdu international automobile exhibition will be opened in Chengdu Century City New International Exhibition Center, Guangzhou Acura (Acura) will also bring its All-Star blockbuster debut hall 7. Domestic luxury SUV popular niche Guangzhou Acura (Acura) CDX appeared booth suction eye, ultra running legend king of the new generation of NSX will also be the star’s domineering debut, SUV MDX and TLX all arrived in high performance cars. Engineering and authentic exquisite North American car style, make Guangzhou Acura (Acura) booth brilliant shine, the strength of chengdu. The Chengdu auto show has been the Western Auto Industry Showcase, with Chengdu as the core of the western market has become the luxury car brand of the military a hotly contested spot. This exhibition, Guangzhou Acura (Acura) with strong product lineup showing the brand strength and determination to enter the western market. By this, Guangzhou Acura (Acura) will also continue to expand the western market sales network, improve the service level, the western development strategy will be based in Chengdu, radiation throughout the western market steadily. The first domestic SUV blockbuster debut, CDX booth in a small meat suction eye small meat screen entertainment at the same time, the car circle has a lot of little meat high-profile. Listed at the end of July – Acura (Acura) first domestic luxury models SUV CDX recently became the screen "car circle small meat". Enjoy version, version, Wyatt enjoy exclusive edition, exclusive version AWD and version AWD wisdom enjoy a total of 5 models and configuration, 22.98-30.98 million price sincerity, let CDX become the hottest popular niche". Integration of the United States, Japan, China and the three excellent genes, CDX this hybrid not only has a high color value, but also has superior strength. The new design language from North America Acura Precision Concept concept car, according to the diamond refractive index and light dispersion design have a unique style of diamond five edge type grille, fashion personality value Yan powder numerous. The vehicle research and development has followed the Japanese engineer precision meticulous, interior workmanship, exquisite workmanship, 1.5L Disi turbo engine and 8 speed dual clutch transmission has comparable 2.4L self suction engine power, small displacement can also be as "". CDX also Chinese according to consumer preferences carefully designed ultra large interior space and the HUD display rich configuration, then the row can lift the armrest of original design and a variety of color choices for consumers to bring the exclusive sense of luxury Chinese. It is worth mentioning that, CDX fully into the global quality standard AQS (Acura Quality Standard), will be imported models with the same luxury quality to provide customers in china. High color value, "vitality", close enough, will help the little meat among the selling list CDX. Aimed at 80 after 90 young consumer groups, smart CDX more aware of the importance of emotional communication. "THE WAY I AM" slogan is also.相关的主题文章:

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