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Deep sea fish to make sauerkraut pot? What does this store tell you about…… Sohu and deep-sea grouper fish pot to do? Sounds seem to be wasted, may also have their own stores. However, the truth, the recent new long pick up or gathered a lot of popularity, the lake Wanda third floor, Rong report across the facade than imagined atmosphere, elongated deep pattern gradually far, shop around the entrance and display of aquatic plants. Area, probably to eat the fish pot is to start from here. Pickled fish pot, fish pot shop Main assorted taste, the soup with tomatoes, pickled cabbage, spicy Sichuan, sauerkraut, dry fish is also another kind of taste. The fish is relatively high quality and inexpensive grouper in Gentiana Gentiana fish, meat quality is delicate, less fleshy bone, therefore more suitable for selection as fish pot. A simple test of several fish pot, the love is pickled fish pot. Different from the general pot of pickled fish, sour and rich flavor but a lot of fish, Q flavor, a fish soup, very comfortable. A kind of Steamed Chicken with Chili Sauce, such as black fungus, suggested that three or more people can point. Pineapple flesh fly pie and less pillo oil, do not recommend. Now, there are mango juice and corn juice. TIPS: Name: Address: ten long Xiamen Huli Wanda 3F per capita: 80+相关的主题文章:

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