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Winter Island selection guide, the best choice to escape the cold winter chill – Sohu tourism gradually hit, do you still remember the spring, colorful summer sunshine? In a rare winter spring festival family hand in hand to play, in the cold winter sun island to hold together, stay in bed rather than playing water on extreme sports…… After all, think of such opportunities in a year is not much, a beautiful beach, white sand, green as emerald sea, ahead of the Spring Festival in 2017 to pick a good dream island ~ Feekr which is the most suitable for you recommend 9 Island, to escape the cold winter holiday, go to the beach to play carnival. Tropical rainforest quest adventures, to regain the warmth of summer! But Feekr New Year Spring Festival travel big promotion activities are underway in the Oh, maybe there is a suitable for your island, time until November 30th ~ Phuket Island entry-level Island first choice "Dammam sea pearl", although we are always shouting here by tourists occupation, has lost its original beauty, but whether it is for couples, couples with children or the whole family came out to Phuket Island, is their first choice of island travel. What’s more, there is a few hundred dollars to live here. Location: Thailand budget: 3-4K visa: paper visa, visa on arrival (landing sign expensive) suitable season: November -3 months, Thailand’s tourist season, this time the climate is cool today, the world’s most trendy avant-garde resorts to be Phuket Island as the first, here is the lack of the sea. Just a Resort Hotel is out large tracts of sand. You can relax in the hotel, you can also pick the same water sports can also stimulate the feelings, in the bustling night market in Patong, enjoy the delicacy or to the local Banzan fresh market get a feel for the life of local people. Love flavor, can go to Phuket Town old city to visit the weekend market, a row of old buildings have Street colonial legacy, and the color of the old house will impress you. In addition to the island of Phuket, of course, have the opportunity to view the beauty of little Islands, Emperor Island, Bamboo Island, Jiangsu, Phi Phi Sakhalin can let you drunk to Paradise Island fantasy trip ~ Dumaguete for student party high performance here is worthy of horse generation romance, an island hotel to enjoy private vacation; here are the most easily in the world and the whale sharks of the sea, every encounter sharks; here are the original coral reef, walked into the sea 10m patches of tropical fish; where convenient, or even a 3 day holiday can travel! Location: Philippines budget: 2-4K visa: Philippines paper visa: suitable season each year from December to February, the weather is cool, is a good time to play diving (gzericlee) jumped into the sea with the world’s largest shark swimming in the sea, the dining hall with sunset scenery to enjoy eating enough相关的主题文章:

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