The weather is getting cold and fat is starting to pile up Simple a few strokes not long fat (video) utc行家

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The weather is getting cold and fat is starting to pile up? Do you know a few strokes – People’s obesity will change with the seasons. Autumn and winter long fat speed is 3-5 times the usual! Either obese or non obese, the speed and the probability is the same, never mind, a few simple strokes can prevent the great scourges of obesity! The weather is getting cold, fat to start piling it – a few simple tips to make you not long fat tiger to fall the 1, and fat accumulation with the physiological causes of cooler weather gradually, fat cells began to accumulate, used to prevent heat diffusion, so as to play the role of heat preservation in winter, the body began to gradually become obese. At this time in order to avoid obesity, should adjust the diet structure, increase the number of sports. 2, good appetite in autumn and winter, the weather is cool and the gastrointestinal blood supply were increased, enhanced digestion and absorption, appetite, imperceptibly eat more, fat is easy to accumulate in the body, so it will continue to adhere to the diet. 3, exercise reduces the amount of exercise is one of the main reasons for the fall fat. The weather is cold, morning and evening had a good time for sports, has now become a lazy dwelling. Activity decreased, and slowly gained weight. At this time, if not convenient for outdoor sports, can do some simple movements, such as indoor small hoop, sit ups, dumbbell. 4, the lack of power to lose weight in the summer, the cool summer clothing let meat have no place to hide, so many MM shouted "don’t lose weight or die". But in the autumn, with the weather cool clothes more, cover small meat, not so strong a desire to lose weight. Fat can not see, until the spring of next year to assault weight loss. In fact, let the weight gain, will only make you more and more weight base. Even if the spring of next year to lose weight, will be more than one or two pounds this year, an increase year by year. A few simple strokes Yoga roller prevent autumn fat man’s body to create a compact growth correction must eat breakfast for breakfast to the judge, but I still suggest that you There are both advantages and disadvantages., eat breakfast. Eating breakfast can improve metabolism, activate visceral function. In particular, women prone to constipation, eating breakfast can stimulate gastrointestinal motility. Moreover, it is beneficial not to eat snacks, avoid overeating lunch. Breakfast is also very helpful in order to concentrate in the morning. The most common pasta a day is made from wheat flour. For example, bread, pasta, Italy Udon, Hand-Pulled Noodle etc.. These foods can cause increased blood sugar, high glycemic index, easily lead to obesity. In addition, pasta flour, vegetables, protein content is less. These are popular foods, but recommended a maximum of pasta, as an opportunity to re evaluate the diet. Because of high calorie food easily cause waist long meat. The equivalent of eating vegetables and meat why most Korean women slim – partly because they eat enough meat, and are wrapped in vegetables to eat meat. Kimchi and other fermented foods such as pepper and pepper, of course, also has a role. Eat the same amount of vegetables while eating meat, to avoid eating too much. Not easy to eat a diet from the beginning of the diet can inhibit the rise in blood sugar, fat is not easy. Soup is easy to satisfy相关的主题文章:

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