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Modular mobile phone, iPhone changer or a victim? Sohu technology if you asked Geek Jun two years ago, what kind of mobile phone is most worth looking forward to? Geek Jun must answer Google Project Ara modular phone. Let Mr. Geek never thought that, in 2016 May was announced the modular mobile phone market next year, it was shot! Why is Project Ara Project Ara "mobile phone will be shot? To understand why Project Ara would be shot, first of all we want to know what Ara is, Project mobile phone? In simple terms, Project Ara is like a building block can casually pieced together the phone. The Project Ara mobile phone has many function modules for consumers, there are two major advantages of using Project Ara mobile phone: the main components of Project Ara mobile phone camera, processor, display and so on are common modules can be replaced easily. As a result, in the future to upgrade the phone, it can be like a DIY computer host, upgrade only part of the replacement, thereby extending the life of the product. In addition, the price of the Project Ara phone itself can be very cheap, the lowest $50 (about 330 yuan) can be bought, which is the price of NOKIA functional machine. After getting the phone, the user can improve the performance by replacing the module. Mobile phone screen broken? Directly for a piece: camera pixel is not high enough? Then a new one: you can’t see at night? Put the mobile phone into a night vision device: compass, thermometer, tachometer, electronic ink screen and so on are all professional modules can be added to the mobile phone: Google the idea of beautiful, but it is unrealistic. Project Ara Dave Hakkens is one of the sponsors of the project once pointed out the shortcomings of this project: Project / Ara project sponsor of Dave Hakkens modular mobile phone can do very cheap, but in fact the maintenance cost is very high. When the core components of the mobile phone is damaged, mobile phone card immediately, must be upgraded to replace, this process will eliminate the old general module, a large number of e-waste. The modular mobile phone upgrade will bring big problems facing a lot of electronic waste compatibility is modular and mobile phone. At the beginning of the project, Dave Hakkens is to establish a set of applicable to open systems around the world, for the whole world to build mobile phone, but Google has made a lot of developers need to develop restrictions and fetters, under the rules of Google. In this way, it will inevitably lead to a different modular mobile phone competition.相关的主题文章:

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