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The Autumn Cucumber tonic concern right key – Sohu and more edible autumn is from hot to cold weather, then cool to cold transitional seasons, has a habit of autumn winter tonic, tonic, entered the sales season. With the improvement of people’s living standards, awareness of health care is also growing. People of health tonic choices more rational, more original, "Compendium of Materia Medica records supplements": sea cucumber, sweet and salty, tonifying kidney, tonifying essence, intake urination, impotence treatment paralysis, the foot warming, the enemy of ginseng. It is precisely because of this reason, the sea cucumber has entered the homes of ordinary people. Sea cucumber with high nutritional value fall tonic is the preferred scientific research shows that sea cucumber contains 18 kinds of amino acids, including 9 kinds of essential amino acid content is very high, especially the content of arginine is much higher than other seafood. Arginine is an important component of male germ cells and human collagen synthesis of raw materials, has special effects on the body repair after injury. Arginine can also enhance the immune activity of lymphocytes, enhance human immunity. The traditional Chinese medicine theory and agree without prior without previous consultation of medicine "kidney essence" theory. Gongpin sea cucumber health experts say, sea cucumber has become the best of health, in addition to the content of high quality protein and rich in micronutrients, sea cucumber saponins and sea cucumber mucopolysaccharide is the precious ingredient of the unique health effect is very significant, according to the introduction, in our country, there are more than 20 kinds of edible sea cucumber, according to the back of sea cucumber if there is a cone shaped partly parapodium divided into "sea" and "light ginseng" two categories. North sea cucumber production, with good quality, high nutritional value. The sea cucumber tonic concern right key body eat more every day in the end can absorb nutrients in many sea cucumber? Institute of nutrition research shows that the normal human daily can absorb 50-100 grams, but patients, elderly, pregnant women should be increased, at the same time, edible sea cucumber can play a nourishing effect. The sea cucumber information network are introduced, in terms of nutrition, boiled, fried, cold cooking methods can ensure the most contained in sea cucumber nutrient loss is not easy, and delicious taste, it is easy to operate, these practices are more conducive to their nutrient release of sea cucumber. From cooking methods, one is water directly after eating. With the right amount of sugar or sugar (not suitable for patients with diabetes), and the amount of boiling water, steaming hot pot re-entry, eating; two can do when cooking soup in the sea cucumber slice join in cooking, mainly to light. Three can be boiled together with milk, barley, more nutritious.相关的主题文章:

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