The president of Ukraine by Russian agents and make counterfeit Kyrgyz president to talk on the phon 下北glory days

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The president of Ukraine by Russian agents and make counterfeit Djibouti President baodianhuazhou original title: President of Ukraine, Russian agents were playing and Dave pot phone the day before, President Poroshenko of Ukraine being played. He thought he had a phone call with the president of Kyrgyzstan, but was told that it was not the case. Now, this has finally been below. No. 17, boluoshenke spokesman said: This is actually collected if goko do a Russian spy! One day in early November, the office of the president of Ukraine Pietro Poroshenko suddenly received a phone call, the person claiming to be the president of Kyrgyzstan Poroshenko and want to exchange views on the issue of Crimea and russia. So the logical, two "leaders" talk. Soon, the Ukraine presidential website will be released with the president of Kyrgyzstan Poroshenko almaz Buick Atanbayefutong phone message, said two people were happy and friendly exchanges on the issue of human rights in Crimea. The message has been issued, Kyrgyzstan does not recognize, they immediately asked Ukraine to remove this article, the president said they never played this call, the caller is a fake. Who on earth is that bold, to play the president? 17, this finally has the following. Boluoshenke said: This is a Russian spy dry! In this regard, the Russian media speculated that his name was Vladimir. The reason is that he had used the same means to play Russian President Putin to tease the British veteran singer (Elton) (John). He called himself Putin, and wanted to talk to him about gay rights. It would be bad for Elton, because he was a gay supporter, and Putin was against it. This is a telephone call. Then he excitedly released the news on his instagram. Until being laughed at by users, only to find themselves cheated. Later, the call recording Poroshenko was exposed on the internet. However, according to the Ukraine government’s statement, Poroshenko criticized some encounters "Russia and Putin scissorhands". It’s not over, but also the newly elected president of the United States Trump. 15, the Ukraine presidential palace announced that Poroshenko was elected president of the United States and Donald Trone ordinary telephone. However, the Trump transition team did not release relevant information. Compared with this, he and Putin after the phone has released the relevant information. This makes some Ukrainians doubt, boluoshenke is not fooled? Second days, Ukraine’s government was forced to issue a statement denying boluoshenke cheated. Trump later released the news website, listed so far and popularity of Trone vice president elect Mike Burns calls of foreign leaders and international organizations. So far, the Ukraine media found Poroshenko’s name on the list of about 30 people finally! Editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章:

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