The new king Plaza X5 ground clearance of 200mm will be listed in November headache怎么读�

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The new king Plaza X5 ground clearance of 200mm will be listed as early as November this year’s Chengdu auto show, Dongfeng popular new joyear X5 (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) has been officially released, is expected to be officially listed in November. The day before, I got the new car chassis information, the ground clearance reached 200mm. Read the following points, this paper is finished half: 1 new X5 Plaza is a new city SUV models. 2 the appearance of the interior were redesigned, the wheelbase is expected to reach 2720mm3. equipped with 1.6L naturally aspirated engine of Shenyang MITSUBISHI, manual transmission or CVT 4 using the closed-loop strengthening type body, using laser welding, passive safety performance significantly improved 5 new images of X5 ground clearance reached 200mm, the multi link independent rear suspension, electric power steering and ESP standard. From the view of the chassis news exposure, the new king Yi X5 using LQ-CMF platform technology, ground clearance reached 200mm. In addition, the new car also uses a multi link independent rear suspension, with aluminum alloy upper arm swing, with better bending resistance. In addition, the new car is the standard of electric power steering, coupled with the latest BOSCH ESP system, driving performance is more outstanding. Appearance, the new king Yi X5 uses a new design style, and the Yi Jing X5 is significantly different. The new face to the new headlight design group, two eagle eyes headlights and grille are closely linked, so that the front face is more wide, very impact, design language which is currently very popular. The new king Plaza X5 side body plump and smooth, waist across the body and the handle of the door is connected, tail design is more compact car. Body size, the length and width of the new car is 45151812 1725mm, wheelbase also reached 2720mm. Such body size in the same level models can be regarded as the mainstream level, the car space to meet the needs of the people. The new king Yi X5 interior uses a new design style, sound control and console air conditioner control area clear, button design is large, the operation is more convenient. Independent large screen display adds a sense of technology. Power, the car will be equipped with a Shenyang MITSUBISHI 1.6L naturally aspirated engine, the engine maximum power of 90kW (122Ps), the maximum torque of 151Nm. Transmission, with it will be a manual and a CVT gearbox. In terms of security, will adopt a new closed-loop strengthening body, creating a mobile fortress strong driving personnel, strengthen the closed-loop is the new development of BIW technology, including the successful application of laser welding and hot forming process, C side column closed loop structure of three aspects. Take the lead in the new Dongfeng fashion Jing Yi X5 by laser welding, to avoid the use of sealants. The new king Yi X5 in front beam plate by hot forming process, the stability of the hot forming process of the front lower beam plate has better. In order to further improve the vehicle performance, the new king Plaza X5 groundbreaking on both sides around the rear wheel package position increases the beam structure, the C side column, beam, floor beam roof after combined to form a closed loop structure).相关的主题文章:

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