IOS 9 upgrade ratio of up to 88% this figure Google to read crazy (video) 女f4

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IOS 9 upgrade ratio has reached 88% of the Google digital reading to crazy iOS10 on iOS9 competition finished before deciding to upgrade the Tencent digital news (compiled: Guti) Apple’s new iOS 10 system began to push updates today, while iOS 9 this time last year and we meet. Although iOS 9 is not the latest version of the system, but so far, still achieved quite gratifying performance. Last year, just three days after the update of the iOS, the upgrade rate of more than 50%, and this is a very remarkable achievement. Although the upgrade speed gradually slowed down, but after four months still reached 75%, performance can not be underestimated. As of the day before the release of iOS 10, the highest upgrade rate of iOS 9 has reached a record of $88%, while the iOS version of the version fell to 9%, before the iOS version of the old version of the proportion of only less than 3% of. Such iOS system upgrade rate for Google is really far behind, in turn we can look at the Android version of the update distribution. Google’s latest Android 7 Nougat system has been released for 1 months, but due to the small number of models, so the overall distribution did not see the new system figure. But as with the iOS 9 in the same period in 6 Android Marshmallow system, the upgrade rate has just reached 18.7%, than the 15.2% months increased by 3.5%. While the proportion of 5 and two Lollipop version of the system is, compared with August, a decrease of 5% compared to. And then the proportion of a KitKat system is also slow decline, currently 27.7%. The previous version of the Jelly Bean ratio is still 15.5%, while older versions of some users still stick, but not too much. Google said that the latest Android 7 Nougat current ratio of less than 0.1%, so it is not enough to reflect the icon. But if the iOS system and the Android system and the ratio of the speed of a comparison, then, Google is not to envy the apple? Source: gsmarena, Neowin recommended: focus on the Tencent WeChat digital official number (ID:qqdigi), take you to play through all kinds of cool new products, cutting-edge information, hand evaluation, video machines, engage in fun to play live, there are a variety of novelty method. IPhone 7 value is not worth buying? How to use a cell phone to shoot VR? Drones can cut fingers? Why do cats have to be poor? The answers are all here.相关的主题文章:

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