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Shanxi coal enterprises have to sit outside the way forward lead to "capital flowing water" (Figure) – Sohu financial data. Wei Liang agency issued photo China News Agency, Taiyuan in August 25,   (reporter Li Xinsuo) in the face of coal to capacity under the background of the capital predicament, Shanxi coal enterprises to exhaust all the skills in order to hesitation, the capital market reassurance, reform led to Shanxi coal capital flowing water". Recently, Shanxi Jin group propaganda department official Jin Hua (a pseudonym) accompanied by the person in charge of the group around the investigation. In the near future, and other major coal enterprises in Shanxi, the financing, to ensure the safety of the capital chain has become a group of Jin to deploy the work of high-frequency words". A few days ago, Jin Neng group 1 billion 500 million yuan ultra short melt successful distribution". For the Shanxi coal prices once frozen in corporate bond issuance, a similar message is undoubtedly the arm, and Jin Hua also continued efforts to promote the news spread. Following the July 13th Shanxi seven major coal enterprises in Beijing after the Financial Street roadshow, Shanxi invited more than 300 banks, brokerage, fund companies and other financing institutions responsible person at the scene for the production of coal enterprises, investors show muscles, in order to win back the confidence of capital market. In this regard, the Shanxi provincial finance office official said, in accordance with the original plan, after the roadshow in Beijing, as well as Shanghai, Shenzhen and other places roadshow. Because the capital market responded enthusiastically, Shanxi decided to cancel out the roadshow, turn to investors in Shanxi visits. Shanxi coal import and Export Group (hereinafter referred to as coal group) to arrange for investors to visit coal gangue brick, new energy-saving lamps, commercial real estate and other industries in transition. In the square coal mountain coal group, the person in charge of the enterprise, the project of coal gangue brick a digest waste coal gangue, on the other hand, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, only this one will get government incentive funds more than 1000 yuan. Datong Coal Mine Group Chairman Zhang Youxi believes that the old state-owned personnel burden, the burden of history more. As the Shanxi coal enterprise reform, with the coal group through the separation of the social functions of enterprises, accelerate the reform and restructuring the collective factories and a series of reforms, the cost can be decreased by 50 yuan per ton of coal. The end of the reform, the coal can be light, fair competition in the market. Not only that, recently, Shanxi’s other major coal enterprises have for investors to promote clean energy, solar battery, high-end lubricants, laser projector and other emerging industries, in order to change a coal dominant image. From a practical point of view, Shanxi coal enterprises are trying to win the capital market response. Shanxi Provincial Finance Office released data show that after the Beijing roadshow, the main coal enterprises in Shanxi successfully issued 10 billion yuan of corporate bonds, and most of the financing costs lower than expected. Can Jin Hua Shanxi group propaganda department said a few days ago, Haitong Securities, GF Securities and 57 financial institutions gathered in Shanxi bonds, for the group’s clean energy company 10 billion yuan bond issue to make early preparations. During the year, the group will be in accordance with the actual situation of the enterprise bonds issued in succession to ensure the development needs of enterprises. At the same time, Shanxi’s official news in the capital market to cheer". Shanxi lock相关的主题文章:

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