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Beijing "Shuangcheng Ji: 6 hours of sleep every day on the road take the initiative to work overtime square – Sohu finance Hebei Guan to commuter bus subway station Daxing tiangongyuan. JINGWAH Times reporter Pan Zhiwang Guan real estate development projects everywhere. Urban birds on Shuangcheng life 6 hours a day from Beijing to Guan from the city of Beijing, along State Road 106 South and the wide high-speed can reach Guan, today, a large number of buildings in Guan are still under construction. Due to the geographical location adjacent to the south of Beijing, the capital of the two airport construction and subway Daxing good news of the south line extension, Gu Anzheng became the new hot spot for the purchase. The young man, who dreams of a foothold in Beijing, has sown the seeds of "home" in order to seize the opportunity to take root in Beijing. In Beijing, drift for 8 years, Li Anran chose to open the Shuangcheng life". The radius of her life has been widened to nearly 70 kilometers a day between Beijing and Guan, to spend more than 6 hours. In the dilemma and Beijing home, this seems to be the way to the housing endowment, joy dilutes the rush of hard work. In order to let the dream into reality, the city’s "Li Anran who" will continue to adhere to. Go not seen during the day like district on Monday, after autumn morning, it was not bright, densely populated area of Guan County, there have been many windows with lights. Guan second in the middle of the door to the direction of the Guan Beijing countdown to the next site, just after the point of 6, there are people waiting there. There are four or five trolley bus station beside the pancake stalls, stall stall is quick bread, eggs, opening day meals provided livelihood workers rush for color. The autumn wind hit Li Anran in the exposed skin, she stood on the side of the road, looking to the direction of the car, could not help but look at the mobile phone on time, contemplating the wait is not also rushed to the units to participate in the meeting at 9:30. For a car parked beside her, she called loudly to the driver, "15 yuan to tiangongyuan subway, car left." She looked around again and decided to get on the bus. On the car, Li Anran closed his eyes, want to take the time to sleep later, if there is no traffic jam, 40 minutes after she can to tiangongyuan subway station. Into the subway station, himself into the crowded compartment will be another tough". The night before, because overtime, her home is already at 12 in the evening, I almost dragged his legs back home, can stand to sleep." Li Anran said, but she still brimming with sleepy packed second days backpack, find good clothes. In order to save time in the morning, she has formed the habit of putting things away no matter how tired she is. Li Anran lying in bed, relax, suddenly feel the temple came the sting, like her body to launch protests. The clock struck 1 in the morning, her sleep countdown, 4 hours and 20 minutes, like a new day will begin. "When I first moved to Guan, I didn’t even see the way we were in the daytime." Li Anran memories. 6 in the morning to go out, she waited in Guan line, is not easy to get on the second bus stop, "my card in the slot, feel like hypoxic fish, can only put his head out of the air.相关的主题文章:

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