Man forged formalities 40 thousand resale lease vehicles caught 月丘うさぎ

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Man forged formalities 40 thousand resale lease vehicles caught the original title: man forged vehicle formalities will be rented car sold 40 thousand Yuan Hua Daily News (reporter correspondent Zhang Yunfei Wang Zhenfei) Hengshan Man Wang lazy, in order to obtain a high ill-gotten gains, together with friends have forged vehicle related procedures, the rental car at a price of 40 thousand yuan sold to others, after the Yuyang police wanted the internet. In September 19th, Wang family in the train station Mizhi room unit train station police station arrested by mizhi. In September 19th, Mizhi train station police station in the work to get an important clue, Yulin City Public Security Bureau Yuyang Branch police brigade wanted the Internet, suspected of fraud, Wang a unit room at the train station in the area of family friends rented. In order to ensure that the police arrest suspects prior to no danger of anything going wrong, personal information and physical characteristics of a detailed understanding and careful identification. In the arrest process, because the king of a strong sense of anti reconnaissance, to prevent direct access to Wang caused panic and revolt, the police arrested on the spot back up and put in the corridor of the fire hose, fire hose to detect the distance by knocking at the door waiting to arrest. Heard the knock on the door, Wang refused to open the door to the homeowner is not, the police arrested by security door the eye to Wang show back in the body of the fire hose of paralysis. See the police body of the fire hose after Wang guard, immediately open the security door in Wang Mougang’s arrest and police quickly arrested him. According to Wang explained, because he did not craft and lazy to get ill-gotten gains, together with his friends from the high of a leasing company to rent the car, fake vehicle related procedures, will be rented KIA Sportage SUV sold at a price of 40 thousand yuan lee. After the matter was brought to light, in order to avoid the public security organs to trace, he has repeatedly change residence and telephone, but was eventually arrested by the police. Currently, Wang has been transferred to the local police station to further investigate the railway police. Editor: Joe’s SN098相关的主题文章:

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