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The child as much as 11 big factions "new Denon eight" Gui Yan high value COS show 3D martial arts online romantic "new Denon eight" 2016 piece of information "Guiguzi towers" on November 17th, that beta. New martial GUI falls! Guiguzi appeared, huge waves off the lake, people in addition to marvel for his strong ability, relish, and his handsome appearance, called martial arts color value play. The cultural dimension (the original 304 Hangzhou animation Society)’s dimension new group members, well-known Coser Yuri Huang, dark blue, bring you the story of COS, not only to restore the appearance and charm of GUI Shixiongshijie, more interpretation of a cruel but eclectic arena havoc…… 59 seconds speed download "new Denon eight" new client > > > the new service will be hot open: [World Chess] – and double – double aspect [hand screen day] [double] [- and overturning rivers aspect double – [VS]] lawless GUI Emei you say your heart Pushan to save the world? In fact, the world doesn’t need your salvation!   VS VS Emei Emei Emei Gui Gui Gui VS what is, what is evil? The only force is the only means to conquer the lakes. There GUI faction, the martial arts into a desperate panic. Emei fall, just a trailer, then turn to who? In a time of martial arts. However, no more fear, also cannot resist a fact, GUI has really come. [VS] what GUI Gai Eighteen Stages to Subdue a Dragon? In front of us, absolutely cannot withstand a single blow! VS VS Gui Gui Gui Gai Gai Gai VS even if you have dragon surgery, I also fall by the wayside! Guiguzi the suddenness of a thunderbolt swept beggars zongduo, once in the arena in the first group of all-powerful, would bow down, trampled upon. No one knows how powerful GUI…… [VS] GUI Shaolin compassion is superfluous words. The strong survive, is the eternal truth of the millennium.   VS VS GUI Shaolin Shaolin martial arts Dean GUI once brilliant, now also is as trassient as a fleeting cloud. Only the great hall, telling once lofty status of martial arts. The blood stained wooden fish were discarded, scattered beads with dust. After the war, dust to dust, soil to earth. After all, not for a long time, high official positions and riches, only the strong survive to the end. This navigation Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.   [VS]; GUI Tang door of your life, worm like fragile. The destruction in our hands, isn’t it a pleasure? VS GUI Tang door VS GUI Tang door   think rainstorm pear pin can bring permanent prosperity for you? Perhaps in the eyes of others, Tang Shu mysterious vicious, Wu Yi superb, indestructible. But in the gui.相关的主题文章:

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