Magic journey tour and then set sail to go to the grassroots level of public interest does not forge 高达08ms小队

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"Magic journey" tour starts again keen public interest to go grassroots not forget the early heart – Entertainment Sohu     by the young magician Sun Zheng wrote and directed and starred in the "magic journey" series "Family Edition Magic Castle Adventure Tour" in September in the northeast end of the tour by countless praise, and immediately rushed to the Hunan new round tour. Eleven during the national day, Yiyang, Yueyang Changsha in three for the local audience friends bring wonderful performances, the 7 day performance not only sold rave reviews, the audience is generally believed that this is a rare watch for the whole family and educational for children of outstanding magic children’s drama, and even a lot of parents the spontaneous "magic journey" is introduced to friends, recommend people around to watch the drama. Since the beginning of 2016, sun Zheng and his "magic" journey into a blowout period, the first is the new work "who I am", and premiered in a small theater in the long-term in the field of performance, followed by the "magic journey" under the banner of the parent-child play "Magic Castle Adventure" on a national tour, praise rave reviews. As a creative industry in the field of cultural industry, "magic journey" has been the love of the government and the cultural sector. In August this year, selected Beijing acrobatics (Magic) new works to support the project, supported by the Beijing Literary Federation, Beijing acrobats association. In September, the "magic journey" is becoming more Chinese by Acrobats Association, Beijing Municipal Bureau of culture, the Beijing Cultural Heritage Office, Beijing Literary Federation, Beijing performing arts group and Beijing Municipal People’s Government of Changping District jointly hosted the third session of the Beijing International Magic Convention Chinese preheating exhibition project. Sun Zheng and I have also invited as guests show close in the general assembly, and received from the Beijing TV, Dragon TV, China Youth Daily and other media interview, has been recognized by the industry and fans of magic. At the same time, the magic journey team also keen on public action. In October 9th 99, the Double Ninth Festival, from Hebei Zhuoda Corporation and the endowment "magic journey" Chupin Beijing fantasy magic forest cultural industry jointly organized "alasso Magic season" national public service in Shijiazhuang, "magic" was invited to participate in the journey. The scene attracted hundreds of people, the old people bring happiness, and they interact scene laughter a harmonious and warm atmosphere. After the end of the show is an old man of 92 years old said he opened his eyes, but also hope to see the magic journey this excellent repertoire. It is reported that, in the busy tour has ended after October 23rd, sun Zheng will join the "magic magic castle adventure journey" and "magic journey of who I am" two works, once again return to the legendary Beijing little theater ticket show, the feedback has been supporting "magic journey" series of the Beijing audience.相关的主题文章:

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