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Don’t ignore the culture treasure mother postpartum parent-child relationship from the details – Sohu mother when the baby was born, many small details in life will affect the parent-child relationship, let the baby feel the warmth and trust of parent-child relationship, and let the baby feel a sense of security, treasure dad Baoma has an important influence on the response of treasure treasure in life the details, therefore when the parent-child interaction skills must pay attention to, let the baby to avoid loss, strengthen the details of response, strengthen the cultivation of parent-child relationship will, interpersonal relationship is very important to the baby grow up. Today, Tina to tell you how to develop parent-child relationship. I feel a lot of love back home for the birth of the baby was really excited and excited in the parent-child relationship, want to be a good father and mother and seems to have, but because of the pressure of working life, we often can not always meet the needs of the baby, and even spend time with children is a luxury. In fact, love a person, you should know how to pay, so the time to accompany the baby, the elusive cry, helpless face newborn and new family members for life, often lost patience and love. But the parent-child relationship is the most early prototype of adult baby and the other half intimate relationship, 0-1 age of infants and children to establish a good relationship, will construct the prototype of his future good interpersonal relationship. The parent-child relationship is like love, because love has meaning, often requires both sides to understand each other and understand each other’s preferences, always respond to each other’s needs and all inclusive, in order to maintain the best intimate relationship, so is the parent-child relationship, the baby often needs to cry expression, so you want to know the baby, don’t be afraid of the first baby cry, don clearly the reason to cry. But many treasure mom would say, what I have met, baby or vexatious cry to do, a few days ago, Tina wrote an article is talking about the baby crying, the baby cries and because of factors such as environmental impact, treasure mother don’t ignore. Because the left uterine life, to the new environment does not meet the conditions of the uterus, so uneasy, and can only rely on the sense of smell (mother’s taste) and touch (by hugging and sucking breast) can feel at ease, so when the baby is crying, to treasure the mother patient comfort, this is the first step in parent-child relationship training. Read the baby can give happiness when the baby is not talking to the baby, parenting is only pay no return, even no interaction and feedback, but his mother the baby’s care baby know, this little bit of accumulation is the foundation of establishing trust relationship between parents and children, for example, when the baby is hungry, Mom Baby, baby thirsty feed water, baby mouth dirty mother will be wiped clean, but these will let the baby feel treasure mom turned out to be the baby’s understanding, this is to read the feeling is a kind of happiness, is very helpful to the parent-child relationship. Let the baby in love at ease to do their own baby will want "no matter what, parents will love me " experience, this tendency is similar between lovers in the sense of security is not fully established, want to test the other half of the experience, therefore, when the相关的主题文章:

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