X guide to start school let TA accompany you to report 残清1864

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The school installed the X guide to TA to accompany you to report the advent of the opening quarter, coming away from home all the way to school students, are you ready? "Coming" on the large and ready. Heard that after the beginning of the students is probably so · · · · · · what paralysis is not important…… The important thing is that the coming season is coming. You can’t sleep and wake up…… The face is about to enter the school a little meat, we prepared a [guide] school X, please…… There is such a car, regardless of the bustling city, urban and rural suburbs or the desert Gobi can gallop. The new BMW X1 release vitality and passion of the new BMW X1, Jimei, multi-functional, power, technology, safety, convenience, comfort, etc., as a whole. There TA, you still afraid of traffic jam? A wide range of vision, a high level of movement + comfortable chassis, a huge skylight, excellent power to make X1 look, sit up, open up with more feeling. Handsome to burst, I am full of strength and vitality of the young I would be your assistant, the rear folding down 40:20:40, trunk, large storage space and hidden storage compartments, storage box and driving seat below…… I’ll do whatever you want. I want to put all the things I like to accompany me crazy, accompany me to make trouble, accompany me to see the world, I came back with a new report TA please enlighten! Pay only 58 thousand yuan by small finishing the most easily congested areas and 26 blocked road bypass in advance for you to remind you. Haidian District: Zhongguancun North Street, Zhongguancun South Street, Zhongguancun street, Zhongguancun Road, Zhongguancun Road, Xicheng District street, Ping Ping An Li Xi Street, zhaodengyu Road, Chegongzhuang street, Xidan North Street, West Fourth North Street Dongcheng District: Zhang Zi-zhong Road, East West Street, South Street, East Backstreet Gallery, Jiaodaokou South Street, Chaoyang District Lama Temple street, Chaoyang Road, Chaoyang Road North, East Bridge Road, Chaoyangmen Outer Street, Fengtai District: Sanlitun road Fengtai Road, Taiping Road, Wanfeng Road, Lai Road [about Beijing Yingzhibao] Beijing Yingzhibao Automotive Sales & Service Co. Ltd is BMW company authorized dealership, founded in 2003, has been committed to providing "vehicle sales, user maintenance, professional service parts and information feedback," four in one, have BMW and BMW brilliance products agent. For a long time, "juvey perfect, structure of people and cars so" has always been the constant pursuit of the goal of Beijing Yingzhibao, and diligently in customer service and customer care service on the constant effort is Yingzhibao for every loyal customer commitment. For more details, please consult the BMW authorized dealer of Beijing Yingzhibao Automotive Sales & Service Co. Ltd. Beijing Yingzhibao Wangjing 4S Center: Address: Beijing City, Chaoyang District Road No. two Lizedong two Tel: 010-64788880 Beijing Yingzhibao Beiyuan customer service Service Center: Po相关的主题文章:

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