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Men play the beautiful nude video by deception fraud thousand yuan will pull the black newspaper news (reporter correspondent Yang Yu Li Cong) believe WeChat "beauty" sell nude video, the man turned 1000 yuan WeChat forefoot, rear foot is pulled black. Yesterday, Qiaokou police cracked the case, the suspect was arrested at home. 12 noon yesterday, IKEA Qiaokou District police station police attack Chen received a man police said he was cheated by a friend WeChat. The man surname Liu, he added a "beauty" on WeChat, "beauty" through WeChat said, can sell naked video to him. Liu said on WeChat and wanted to try it, "beauty" said to pay the video first. Liu shakes, directly to 1000 yuan to the "beauty". But left and right, the video is slow to say, Liu will be urging with WeChat, did not think that he has been pulled black, and can no longer get contact with "beauty". Liu told police Chen Gong that he had just added the "beauty" with another micro signal. This time he didn’t buy the video, but praised her very pure and beautiful, wanted to send a gift to her. "Beauty" was very happy and sent him an address. According to the address, the Chen tapping team came to a private house near the rudder’s mouth. Are the police investigation and inquiry, found a man saw the police look after very panic, police rushed to its control, and through the LiuMou and the man’s WeChat mobile phone, identification of fraud LiuMou 1000 yuan "beauty", is in front of the buzz man. In addition to a number of nude video records in the WeChat mobile phone, it also requires other people to open the room and other ways to ask the other to transfer payment and other information. After examination, the man was named stone, non native and unemployed. At present, the case is still further digging.

男子网扮美女借裸体视频行骗 诈骗千元后将人拉黑   本报讯(记者杨蔚 通讯员李聪)轻信微信“美女”卖裸体视频,男子前脚用微信转了1000元,后脚就被拉黑。昨天,硚口警方成功破获该案,将嫌疑人在家中当场抓获。   昨天中午12点,硚口区宜家警务站民警陈攻接到一男子报警称,自己被微信好友骗了。该男子姓柳,他在微信上添加了一名“美女”后,“美女”通过微信表示,可以卖裸体视频给他。柳某在微信上说,想试看一下,“美女”称先付钱再发视频。柳某动摇了,直接给转了1000元给“美女”。可左等右等,说好的视频迟迟不来,柳某便用微信催促,没想自己已经被拉黑了,无法再和“美女”取得联系。   柳某告诉民警陈攻,他刚刚用另一个微信号主动添加了这个“美女”,这次他没有买视频,而是称赞她十分清纯漂亮,想送点礼物给她。“美女”很高兴,并发给他一个地址。   陈攻立马带队根据该地址,来到舵落口附近的一处私房。正在民警调查询问时,发现一男子见到警察后神色十分慌张,民警赶紧将其控制,并通过柳某和该男子的手机微信,确认诈骗柳某1000元钱的“美女”,就是眼前这个寸头男子。其手机的微信中除了多条卖裸体视频的记录,还有通过勾引他人开房等方式要求对方先转账支付等信息。   经审查,该男子姓石,非本地人,无业。目前,案件还在进一步深挖中。相关的主题文章:

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