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Sichuan boy was seriously injured in a car accident. His parents wanted to donate organs to save 5 people. People’s net Hainan window — people’s net Wang Zhongkui’s husband waited in the hospital for 6 days, and his son’s condition was still diagnosed as "irreversible". From September 30th to October 8th, it was 9 days in distress and suffering, and the son still didn’t wake up from a coma. "Irreversible craniocerebral injury." This is given by the results of hospital departments joint consultation of experts assessment, 42 year old Wang Zhongkui and his wife Wang Zhongju tears brim over with tears again. Before that, the husband and wife from Cangxi, Guangyuan, even had a glimmer of fantasy, hoping that the good and sunny son could wake up from his sleep. At 29 p.m. in September, Wang Meng, a 21 year old young town in Baihe Township, Cangxi County, was hit by a car accident on the way to motorbike, which resulted in severe craniocerebral injury. The condition was diagnosed as irreversible. Mr. and Mrs. Wang Zhongkui made a hard decision – to donate their son’s organs to save others. Tomorrow morning, Wang Meng’s organ donation will be launched in Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital. If there is no accident, his double kidney, liver and cornea will bring 5 people back to life. On the 6 day, waiting for the hospital, the son never woke up. In the morning of October 8th, Wang Zhongkui and his wife had been waiting for 6 days on the bench at the ICU ward of Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital. They were expecting the good news of their son in the ward. In the afternoon of September 29th, Wang Zhongkui, the 21 year old son, Wang Meng, lost breathing because of severe craniocerebral injury. He maintained a weak vital sign only by respirator and medicine. October 3rd morning, the provincial hospital team of doctors from Guangyuan to Wang Meng, and sent him to the ICU, Wang Zhongkui couple stayed up all night waiting for a few days. Sitting on the bench, Wang Zhongkui’s eyes were sluggish, like losing the soul, and the lover Wang Zhongju wept from time to time, and his eyes had been crying red. Every opening and closing of the ICU electric glass door will attract the attention of Mr. and Mrs. Wang Zhongkui. At 9 o’clock, the visiting time arrived. The two couples rose to the front of the glass door, and then walked into ICU. About 20 minutes later, the couple came out, with solemn expression and crying. "As long as there is a little hope to be saved, if it can’t be saved, he can only reach his wish." In a conversation with Yang Hongji, director of the provincial hospital organ transplant center, Wang Zhongkui once again expressed his willingness to donate. Yang Hongji told Wang Zhongkui, "when you can’t save life, you can only extend life through organ donation." It was a very sad day for the Wang Zhongkui family to be diagnosed with "no rescue" in September 29th, who had been diagnosed with a heavy injury to the sun. At 2 p.m. the same day, a car collided with Wang Meng’s motorcycle. Wang was seriously injured in his brain and was in a coma on the spot. The next afternoon, Wang Meng was transferred to the Cangxi Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine from the first people’s Hospital of Guangyuan City, because of the loss of spontaneous breathing, he was diagnosed with "no salvation". Wang Zhongkui said that before September this year, Wang Meng worked with them in Guangdong. In September, the 9 year old son needed to return from Guangdong to Guangyuan and Cangxi. Wang Meng took his brother home from Guangdong to take care of his brother. Wang Zhongkui said, after returning to Cangxi, Wang Meng once told him that Guangdong was too hot and too tired to go back to work again, so he stayed in his home. Mrs. Wang Zhongkui did not think of Guangdong, we have been so unhappy, once again saw the son, who still alive and kicking the big boys have been lying in bed, unable to breathe. In September 3rd, Wang Menggang had finished his 21 birthday. Organ donation is a circular son wish 5 recipients to be "reborn" Wang Zhongkui still remember, in April this year in Guangdong, Wang Meng saw the news organ donation through TV, he half jokingly told Wang Zhongkui: "if I die, you have to donate my organs." Unexpectedly, this sentence inadvertently say, almost "a prophecy". "He is a sunny, kind, and dream man who always wants to do something different from others." As soon as Wang Zhongju mentioned his son, tears stopped flowing. In Wang Zhongkui heart, Wang Meng childhood is a kind of sensible child, treat neighbors very respectable, ride travel encounter elders, will take the initiative to take a ride. "We were going home to buy a house for him this year, and all the relatives had done it, and he said that the cause had not been made, and let us not be in a hurry." Wang Zhongkui said that the son is very sensible in the children of the same age. Wang Zhongkui said that the son is interested in electrical, mechanical, some home appliances are he re disassembly, motorcycle parts of a pile of waste barrier, Wang Meng told Wang Zhongkui, his desire is to open the garage, originally the end to the preparation after the accident, everything changed. "To donate organs, to round his wish, but also to live in another way, let us have a good heart to think." Wang Zhongkui said. Yang Hongji introduced, early tomorrow morning, the hospital expert team will make a final assessment of Wang Meng’s physical condition. Then organ donation will also be launched in the provincial hospital. If there is no accident, Wang Meng’s double kidneys, liver and cornea will bring 5 people back to life. (Liu Yangyang, commissioning editor Chen Haiyan) another alternate life: the national day 7 day 6 organ transplantation center of organ transplantation, hospital organ donation coordinator Xue Jin said, National Day, Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital has been successfully carried out 6 organ transplant surgery, Xue Jin and Yang Hongji’s organ transplant team to give up vacations in holiday period, "lianzhouzhuan" work for the relay for life, to the donor and end-stage liver disease, kidney disease patients to build China Unicom bridge life. The first case of liver change in October 1st, Xue Jin said, was now able to walk down the bed and recover very well. The 6 surgery surgeon Yang Hongji, intensive in the National Day period, let the doctor in the team for the passing of life regret at the same time, also for the life dance for joy. Yang Hongji, the provincial hospital since 2009, has done brain death organ donation and transplantation, and has done more than 120 cases of brain death of organ donation and transplantation. Sichuan registered organ donation gap of kidney patients over 4000 cases of organ donation, more and more public awareness and acceptance, taking Sichuan as an example, in 2013, the Sichuan area the number of organ donations to "single digit" measurement ", from January to October this year, the province registered nearly 100 cases of organ donation amount." The provincial Red Cross Organ Donation coordinator Wang Song told the Sichuan news network reporter, 2013 start human organ donation work, in July this year, Sichuan has more than 230 cases of organ donation, saved more than 430 lives. Wang Song said that in recent years, public donations and scientific knowledge popularization of organ donation have made organ donation in Sichuan more than a year, but due to the large population base of Sichuan and other reasons, the organ demand in the whole province is still large. Yang Hongji said that even if the number of donations appears to have increased significantly over the past few years, the gap between Sichuan and the more developed areas in China and the European and American countries is far away. As a long-term authority in the field of organ transplantation, Yang Hongji estimates that in Sichuan, there are more than 4000 registered patients waiting for kidney transplantation, and more than 150 patients waiting for liver transplantation. In the background of high incidence of liver disease, Sichuan is considered as a populous province, considering the factors such as regional differences. The number of patients who need liver transplantation is far beyond the number of statistics. Many patients with kidney disease are dying in waiting. (commissioning editor Liu Yangyang and Chen Haiyan) 四川男孩遇车祸重度受伤 父母欲捐器官救5人–人民网海南视窗–人民网   王中奎夫妇在医院守候了6天,儿子的伤情依然被诊断为“不可逆”。    9月30日到10月8日,已经在悲痛和煎熬中等了9天,儿子还是没有从昏迷中醒来。“不可逆的颅脑损伤。”这是医院多科室专家联合会诊评估后给出的结果,42岁的王中奎和妻子王中菊的眼泪再次夺眶而出。在此之前,这对来自广元苍溪的打工夫妻甚至还抱着一丝幻想,希望那个善良又阳光的儿子能够从沉睡中醒来。   9月29下午2点,21岁的苍溪县白鹤乡青年王猛,在骑摩托的路途中遭遇车祸,导致重型颅脑损伤,病情被确诊为不可逆。王中奎夫妇做出艰难决定――捐出儿子器官挽救他人。明天上午,王猛的器官捐献将在四川省人民医院展开,如果不出意外,他的双肾、肝脏和双眼角膜,将换来5个人“重生”。   6天守候医院 儿子始终没能醒来   10月8日上午,四川省人民医院ICU病房门口的长椅上,王中奎夫妇已经在此等了6天,他们时刻都在期待病房内能传来儿子的好消息。9月29日下午,王中奎21岁的大儿子王猛因为车祸重度颅脑损伤失去自主呼吸,仅靠呼吸机和药物维持微弱的生命体征。10月3日凌晨,省医院的医生团队从广元接到王猛,并将他送进了重症监护室,王中奎夫妇彻夜守候,一直熬了几天。   坐在长椅上,王中奎两眼呆滞,像丢了魂一样,爱人王中菊不时抽泣,眼眶已经哭红了一圈。ICU电动玻璃门的每一次开启和关闭,都会引来王中奎夫妇的注意。9时许,探视时间到了,夫妇二人起身站到玻璃门前,随后走进了ICU,大约20分钟后,夫妇俩走了出来,表情凝重带着哭腔。   “只要有一点希望也要救,如果救不了,只能达成他的心愿。”在与省医院器官移植中心主任杨洪吉的交谈中,王中奎再次表达了捐献意愿。杨洪吉告诉王中奎:“无法挽回生命时,只能通过器官捐献移植的方式延续生命。”   遭遇车祸脑部重伤 阳光男孩被确诊“无救”   9月29日,对于王中奎一家来说是个极其悲痛的日子。   当天下午2点,一辆汽车与王猛的摩托相撞,王猛脑部严重受伤,当场昏迷。次日下午,王猛从苍溪县中医院转院至广元市第一人民医院,因为失去了自主呼吸,他被确诊“无救”。   王中奎说,今年9月前,王猛还在广东和他们一起打工。9月迎来开学,9岁多的小儿子需要从广东返回老家广元苍溪上学,王猛为了照顾弟弟,便从广东送弟弟回到了老家。王中奎说,回到苍溪后,王猛曾告诉他,广东太热太累,不想再回去做工了,于是留在了老家。   王中奎夫妇没想到,广东一别后竟发生了如此不幸,再一次见到儿子时,曾经还能活蹦乱跳的大男孩已经躺在病床,无法自主呼吸。而9月3日,王猛刚过完21岁生日。   捐献器官为圆儿子心愿 5人受助将“重生”   王中奎至今记得,今年4月份还在广东时,王猛通过电视看到捐献器官的新闻,他半开玩笑地告诉王中奎:“如果我死了,你们把我的器官也捐出去。”没想到,这句不经意间说出的话,近乎“一语成谶”。“他是个阳光、善良、有梦想的人,一直想做与别人不一样的事情。”王中菊一提到儿子,眼泪就止不住地流下来。   在王中奎夫妇心中,王猛自小就是个善良懂事的孩子,对待乡邻十分尊敬,骑车碰到出行的长辈,都会主动捎上一程。“我们本来打算今年回家给他买房子,亲都提好了,他说事业还没成,让我们不要着急。”王中奎说,儿子在同龄的孩子中算是很懂事了。   王中奎说,儿子对电器、机械很感兴趣,家里的一些电器都被他重新拆装过,摩托车废件垒了一堆,王猛告诉王中奎,他的愿望就是开家车行,原本年底就要筹备,发生车祸后一切都变了。   “捐献器官,是为了圆他的心愿,也希望他以另一种方式活着,让我们心里好有个念想。”王中奎说。杨洪吉介绍,明天一早,医院专家团队将对王猛的身体状况做最后评估,随后器官捐献也将在省医院展开,如果不出意外,王猛的双肾、肝脏和双眼角膜,将换来5个人“重生”。 (责编:刘阳阳、陈海燕)   生命的另一种交替:国庆7天6台器官移植手术   省医院器官移植中心器官捐献协调员薛瑾说,国庆节期间,四川省人民医院已经成功地实施了6台器官移植手术,薛瑾和杨洪吉的器官移植团队在大假期间放弃休假,“连轴转”工作为生命接力,向捐献者和中晚期肝病、肾病患者搭建生命联通的桥梁。薛瑾说,10月1日的第一例换肝患者目前已经可以下床行走,恢复十分良好。   杨洪吉主刀的这6台手术,在国庆期间密集进行,让医生团队在为逝去的生命惋惜的同时,也为重生的生命欢欣鼓舞。杨洪吉介绍,省医院从2009年开始做脑死亡器官捐献移植手术至今,已做了超过120例脑死亡的器官捐献移植手术。   四川器官捐献缺口大 登记在册等肾患者超过4000例   器官捐献,越来越被社会公众认识和接受,以四川为例,2013年,四川地区的器官捐献数量还以“个位数”计量,“今年1月至10月,全省登记在册的器官捐献数量接近100例。”省红会器官捐献协调员王淞告诉四川新闻网记者,2013年国家启动人体器官捐献工作后,到今年7月,四川累计器官捐献超过230例,挽救了430余人的生命。   王淞说,基于近年来器官捐献的公益宣传和科学知识普及,四川的器官捐献量一年比一年多,但由于四川人口基数大和其他原因,全省器官需求量依然较大。杨洪吉介绍,即便捐献数量看起来比前几年大幅增长,但四川与我国较发达地区和欧美国家相比,差距甚远。   作为一名长期坚守在器官移植一线的权威医生,杨洪吉估算,四川目前登记在册的等待肾移植的患者超过了4000例,等待肝移植的患者超过150例。而在肝病高发的背景下,四川作为人口大省,加上地域差异等因素的考量,急需肝脏移植的患者远远超过了可统计数量,很多肾病肝病患者在等待中逝去。 (责编:刘阳阳、陈海燕)相关的主题文章:

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