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I am proud! It turned out that there were so many special products in Jiangxi to go to space! In September 15th, 22 hours, 04 minutes and 09 seconds, carrying the Long March two F T2 launch vehicle of the heavenly palace two space laboratory. After launching for about 575 seconds in Jiuquan, the Tiangong two was successfully separated from the rocket and entered the scheduled orbit. The launch is a complete success. Mid autumn moon night, the temple of heaven two exploded people’s circle of friends! The uniform point like Chinese space!! Although the moon did not see the "figure", but at home eating moon cake through television watching the sky palace two launch, Jiangxi people are as happy. It is reported that the two space laboratory of the Tian Gong will explore grain in space. The reporter has found that the research of crop space breeding in Jiangxi province has been in the forefront of the country. The first achievement in China’s space breeding is known in Jiangxi, and the first achievement in China’s space breeding is in Jiangxi. In 1987, the first returnable satellite of our country carried the rice seed "Nongken 58" in our province. The seed of "Nongken 58" has found some variation in the cultivation of the rice in the later period, the color has changed, the quality is more good, the cold resistance ability is also greatly enhanced. Chen Guangyu, director of China Southern space breeding technology research center, said that Jiangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences is the first research unit engaged in space breeding research and the first research achievement in China. In 2004, the cooperation Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Research Institute of space technology Tianchen space breeding technology research center established in the South China space breeding technology research center, in the space, the space is equipped with seed breeding, space breeding base construction, space breeding technology project reporting and other aspects to carry out in-depth cooperation. Guangchang lotus is also "gone back into space in 1994, Guangchang county will be the first place of Lotus Varieties with the number" 940703 "satellite, and equipped with two times, to cultivate a" space Lotus "series of varieties, the varieties with long growth period, flower, Peng, high seed setting rate, large grain, high yield, strong disease resistance. Today, about 80% of the country’s space areas with lotus lotus seeds, seed industry output value of 1 million yuan, has formed the space lotus industry. Yichun Ramie Seed space is the first time in the country Jiangxi Yichun Ramie Seed "Ganzhu three" on the "Shenzhou four" unmanned spaceship back to earth after 7 days, and finally in Hainan Sanya city seed breeding base of breeding. Ramie seeds travel in space for the first time in the country. Jiangxi plant the seeds of "God seven" Space Shenzhou seven "with Jiangxi province" spawn "-" hang gold No. 1 "and" hang gold 2 "mushroom by the experts, the fruits of the leading domestic level, is China’s first with independent intellectual property rights of new varieties of mushroom airlines. The seeds of 25 rare plants planted on the "God seven" space in Mount Sanqingshan have been sent to Zhongshan University for cultivation. The successful cultivation will be transplanted to the endangered botanical garden of Mount Sanqingshan. It is reported that Jiangxi Province Lotus, wheat and barley, rice, corn, rapeseed, sesame, soybeans, cotton, watermelon, kiwi fruit, eggs have been sending Chinese Taihe chicken is equipped with the Shenzhou spacecraft to heaven. Jiangxi space breeding has formed space breeding mechanism in our province for the practice of space breeding, and has formed a long-term mechanism for space carrying. From the first recoverable satellite, before the "God nine", the Academy of Agricultural Sciences has used 22 returnable satellites and 8 Shenzhou series spacecraft to carry crop seeds for more than 20 times. There are more than 60 varieties of Jiangxi characteristic crops and more than 100 species flying into space. More than 20 years, our province through space breeding technology to strengthen the scientific and technological innovation of modern crop, cultivate "air 98" hybrid rice, "space" white lotus "hang gold 1" "hang gold 2" mushroom crops such as new varieties of space. Such as "Ganmian No. 12" is equipped with high-quality new varieties of Jiangxi Agricultural university special cotton China thirteenth sasayite bred, is China’s first approved by the space of new cotton varieties, widely planted in Poyang Lake province. "Gan late indica No. 33" is also a variety of space breeding, which has reached the leading level of similar research in China. It can be said that the research of crop space breeding in Jiangxi province has been in the forefront of the country. Space breeding is also known as space breeding and space mutation breeding. Is the use of space technology, crop seeds, tissue, organ or individual life such as mutagenic material using strong radiation, microgravity environment, special effects of high vacuum, the weak magnetic field etc. the universe biological gene mutation, and then return to the ground for breeding, cultivation of new varieties of crops and breeding of new technologies and new materials. The core content of space breeding is the use of physical space environment factors strongly shaken and mutagenesis of plants or biological genetics, in a relatively short period of time to create rare mutations germplasm and gene resources is difficult to obtain the current methods of ground mutation breeding, breeding of new varieties, which opens up a new way for plant breeding the. Compared with traditional breeding, the biggest advantage of space seeds is high mutation rate and short breeding cycle, which can create large quantities of high-quality seed resources in relatively short time. Jiangxi agricultural products this is to conquer the rhythm of the universe, for the Chinese space point ZAN! Change life ZAN for science and technology!

我骄傲!原来江西有这么多特产去过太空!   9月15日22时04分09秒,搭载天宫二号空间实验室的长征二号F T2运载火箭,在酒泉点火发射,约575秒后,天宫二号与火箭成功分离,进入预定轨道,发射圆满成功!!   中秋月圆夜,天宫二号刷爆国人的朋友圈!齐刷刷点赞中国航天!!   虽然没有看到月亮的“身影”,但在家吃着月饼通过电视看着天宫二号发射升空,江西人一样很开心。据悉,天宫二号空间实验室将探索在太空中种粮食。   记者梳理发现,一直以来,江西省农作物航天育种研究走在全国前列。   我国第一个航天育种成果出在江西   据了解,我国第一个航天育种成果出在江西。1987年,我国的第一颗返回式卫星搭载了我省水稻种子“农垦58”。 “农垦58”水稻种子在后期的培育中就发现了一些变异,颜色有了变化,更加优质,抗寒能力也大大增强。   中国南方航天育种技术研究中心主任陈光宇介绍,江西省农科院是我国最早从事航天育种研究和最先取得科研成果的研究单位。2004年,省农科院与中国空间技术研究院天辰航天育种技术研究中心合作成立了中国南方航天育种技术研究中心,在航天种子搭载、航天品种选育、航天育种基地建设、航天育种科技项目申报等方面开展了深入的合作。   广昌白莲也是到太空“走了多回”   1994年,广昌县首次将地方白莲品种搭载“940703”号返回式卫星,之后又搭载了两次,培育出多个“太空莲”系列品种,该品种具有生育期长、花多、蓬大、结实率高、颗粒大、产量高、抗病性强等特点。如今,全国八成左右的莲产区用了太空莲种子,种业产值1亿余元,已形成太空莲产业。   宜春苎麻种子遨游太空在全国尚属首次   江西宜春的苎麻种子“赣苎三号”搭乘“神舟四号”无人宇宙飞船遨游太空7天后返回地球,最后在海南三亚市种子繁育基地育种。苎麻种子遨游太空,在全国尚属首次。   江西多种植物种子搭载“神七”遨游太空   神舟七号”搭载的江西省“菌种”——“航金1号”“航金2号”金针菇经专家鉴定,成果达国内领先水平,是我国第一个拥有自主知识产权的金针菇航天新品种。搭载“神七”遨游太空的25种三清山珍稀植物种子已经被送到中山大学进行培育,培育成功将移栽到三清山濒危植物园……   据悉,江西省的白莲、大麦、小麦、水稻、玉米、油菜、芝麻、棉花、黄豆、西瓜、猕猴桃、泰和乌鸡蛋等已被选送搭载神舟飞船上天。   江西太空育种已形成空间搭载长效机制   我省对于太空育种的实践,已形成了空间搭载长效机制。从第一颗返回式卫星开始,在“神九”之前,省农科院已利用我国22颗返回式卫星及8艘神舟系列飞船搭载农作物种子20余次,有60多种江西特色作物100多个品种飞入太空。   20余年来,我省通过航天育种技术加强现代农作物科技创新,培育出“航98”杂交水稻、“太空白莲”“航金1号”“航金2号”金针菇等农作物航天新品种。如“赣棉12号”是江西农业大学搭载中国第十三颗返回式卫星育成的特优质专用陆地棉新品种,是我国第一个通过审定的航天陆地棉新品种,目前在鄱阳湖棉区广泛种植。“赣晚籼33号”也是太空育种品种,成果达国内同类研究的领先水平。可以说,江西省农作物航天育种研究走在了全国前列。   科普小知识   太空育种又称航天育种、空间诱变育种。是利用太空技术,将作物的种子、组织、器官或生命个体等诱变材料,利用强辐射、微重力、高真空、弱磁场等宇宙空间的特殊环境作用使生物基因突变,再返回地面进行选育,培育新品种、新材料的作物育种新技术。   太空育种的核心内容是利用太空环境的综合物理因素对植物或生物遗传性的强烈动摇和诱变,在较短的时间内创造出目前地面诱变育种方法难以获得的罕见突变种质材料和基因资源,选育突破性新品种,由此而开辟一条植物育种的新途径。   与传统育种相比,太空种子最大优势是变异几率高、育种周期短,可在相对较短的时间内创造出大批优质的种子资源。   江西农产品这是要征服宇宙的节奏,为中国航天点ZAN!为科技改变生活点ZAN!相关的主题文章:

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