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The National Day holiday highway minibus free entrance issuing reporters from the city traffic Commission informed the Council road, the National Day holiday this year the city expressway continues to implement the following 7 (including 7) small passenger toll free measures, toll free time: October 1st 00:00 to October 7th 24:00, the vehicle from the highway exit toll Lane time is. Freeway entrance to free vehicle to take "entrance without card, export no charge" fast traffic management model. Is the national day 7 day total scale will reach 8 million 850 thousand times or so, will present the local road congestion, should be ahead of the planned path, reasonable travel peak. The total size of up to 8 million 850 thousand times the city traffic bureau network monitoring center is expected during the National Day this year the city road traffic overall will continue to rise. Highway seven is expected to total flow, crane scale will reach 8 million 850 thousand times around (good weather conditions), the average daily traffic of 1 million 260 thousand vehicles, an increase of 9% last year. In case of rain weather, seven days total traffic size may be reduced to 870-875 million vehicles around. Expressway, seven crane flow is expected to reach 12 million 600 thousand times, average 1 million 800 thousand times, with the same period last year, compared with the normal working days decreased by 10%, the overall operation of a good state in normal working day. During the National Day this year, is expected to import 6 million 30 thousand provincial highway crossing Shanghai traffic vehicles, an increase of 12%. In the first half of the festival, the traffic flow in Shanghai is much more than that of the Shanghai traffic flow. The spatial distribution of expressway network traffic is still continuing last year. Most of the characteristics are concentrated on the provincial highway. The traffic volume in Jiangsu is 67%, and the Zhejiang direction is 33%. The top three of them are G2, Beijing, Shanghai, G15, Shenhai and G60 Shanghai Kunming. The day before the local congestion from the daily traffic analysis, is expected before the day of the size of the highway traffic will have greater growth, reaching 1 million 230 thousand times, an increase of 6.9%, growth of 12.3% over the normal working day. The first day of the holidays highway traffic is expected to reach 1 million 260 thousand vehicles, an increase of 9.1% last year, increased by 14.7% than the normal working day. After the half holiday (since October 5th) return traffic gradually increased, is expected to return peak appeared in October 6th, traffic can reach 1 million 310 thousand times; in October 7th, the last day of the holiday traffic is expected to scale 1 million 210 thousand; the return traffic peak is expected to appear at 14-18, part of the highway into the city section of the ray peak time may continue until around 20 p.m.. In particular, the Road Administration Department reminded us that September 30th and October 1st were two days of high traffic and running pressure. On the first day of September 30th, there will be congestion during the afternoon to late evening peak hours. The traffic volume of the urban expressway and part of the expressway will increase gradually, and the local line may reach 2-3 kilometers. In October 1 Shanghai Morning Sunrise traffic in large scale, 8-12, G2, G40, G50, G15, G60 and other provincial highway may appear longer, larger and more serious congestion, the provincial highway linking Yanan elevated road, central, Xiangyin road tunnel, humin elevated local congestion section. The G2 Beijing Shanghai high-speed Jiangsu direction congestion will affect the central ring of interchange to Wuning interchange, G40 Shanghai and Shaanxi Chongming high-speed direction will lead to severe congestion in the inner national road to G1501 long time congestion, G50 Shanghai and Chongqing high-speed Jiangsu direction will lead to congestion viaduct in Yanan on the north side of Hongqiao hub to Huashan road long time congestion, G60 Shanghai Kunming Expressway in Zhejiang the direction of congestion will affect to humin viaduct Caoxi interchange. This is the first National Day holiday ushered in the Disney Park, is expected to refresh since the opening of new passenger flow peak, possible degree of extreme peak passenger flow, then the resort area overhead and the outer ring expressway South Park direction around the road congestion will occur. Targeted measures to alleviate local congestion during the holiday season, more than 10000 road industry employees will stick to their posts, ensure road safety and orderly operation, and take targeted measures to alleviate congestion. G2 S20 to Jiangqiao toll station of Beijing Shanghai high speed Jiangsu is often the phenomenon of vehicle queuing. In order to alleviate the congestion in this section, the measures of changing 2 lanes to 3 lanes are carried out, the original hard shoulder is adjusted to a small bus lane, and the speed limit is adjusted to 60 kilometers. At the same time, for the ease of G2 direction of Jiangsu Cao Road, Wan Town Road ramp traffic congestion, take G2 Beijing Shanghai high-speed Wuning road ramp vehicles, prohibited by the Cao Road, Wan Town Road exit "management measures, subject to the vehicle through Wuning road road from true north interchange or Cao’an highway into the ground Zhenlu, 000. During the holidays, a large number of citizens went to Chongming and Jiangsu, Qidong, Haimen, G40, Shanghai and Shaanxi high-speed as the only high-speed passageway. Traffic flow has been nearly saturated, including the Yangtze River tunnel, Changxing Island service area, Gao Dong toll station and Chen Hai highway exit and entry is the main congestion node. In the construction of Chen Hai highway overhaul project, two ramps were temporarily opened in from October 1st to 7th to ensure that two lanes and two lanes were added to the G40 Chen Hai highway entrance and exit to improve traffic efficiency. 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国庆长假高速公路小型客车免费 入口不发卡 记者从市交通委路政局获悉,今年国庆假期本市高速公路继续实行7座以下(含7座)小型客车免费通行的措施,免费通行的时间范围是:10月1日00:00时至10月7日24:00时,以车辆驶离高速公路出口收费车道的时间为准。各高速公路道口对免费车辆采取“入口不发卡、出口不收费”的快速通行管理模式。预计国庆7天车流总规模将达到885万辆次左右,局部路段将现拥堵,应提前规划路径,合理错峰出行。车流总规模达885万辆次市路政局路网监测中心预计,今年国庆期间本市道路交通流量总体将继续呈现上升趋势。高速公路方面,预计七天车流总规模将达到885万辆次左右(天气良好情况下),日均车流126万辆次,同比去年增长9%。如遇下雨天气,则七天总流量规模可能降至870-875万辆次左右。快速路方面,七天车流规模预计达到1260万辆次左右,日均180万辆次,与去年同期持平,较常态工作日下降10%,总体运行状态好于常态工作日。今年国庆期间,预计高速公路省界道口进出沪流量603万辆次,同比增长12%。节日前半程出沪车流大大超过进沪车流,节日后半程进沪车流多于出沪车流。高速公路网流量空间分布仍延续去年特征,多集中于出省射线高速公路,江苏方向车流占67%,浙江方向占33%,其中流量前三位是G2京沪、G15沈海、G60沪昆。节前一天将现局部拥堵从每日流量分析,预计节前一天高速公路车流规模会有较大增长,达到123万辆次左右,同比增长6.9%,比常态工作日增长12.3%。假期第一天高速公路车流预计达到126万辆次,同比去年增长9.1%,比常态工作日增长14.7%。假期后半程(10月5日起)返程车流逐渐增加,预计返程高峰出现在10月6日,车流可达到131万辆次;10月7日假期最后一天车流规模预计121万;返程车流的高峰预计出现下午14-18时,部分射线高速公路入城段高峰时间可能持续至晚间20时左右。路政部门特别提醒:9月30日和10月1日是高速公路流量和运行压力较大的两天,请市民尽量避峰出行。9月30日节前一天,午后至傍晚晚高峰时段将会出现拥堵,城市快速路以及部分高速公路出城方向流量逐步增加,局部路段排队可能达到2-3公里。而10月1日出沪车流规模较大,上午8-12时,G2、G40、G50、G15、G60等出省高速公路可能会出现较长时间、较大范围拥堵,与出省高速公路衔接的延安高架、中环、翔殷路隧道、沪闵高架局部区段拥堵比较严重。其中G2京沪高速江苏方向拥堵将影响中环外圈共和立交至武宁立交,G40沪陕高速崇明方向拥堵严重将导致中环内圈国定路至G1501长时间拥堵,G50沪渝高速江苏方向拥堵将导致延安高架北侧虹桥枢纽至华山路长时间拥堵,G60沪昆高速浙江方向拥堵将影响至沪闵高架路漕溪立交。今年国庆节是迪士尼开园迎来的第一个长假,有望刷新开园以来客流新高峰,可能出现度极端高峰客流,届时度假区高架和外环高速南段入园方向等周边道路将出现拥堵。针对性措施缓解局部拥堵节日期间,万余名路政行业员工将坚守岗位,保证道路安全有序运营,同时采取针对性措施缓解拥堵。G2京沪高速江苏方向S20至江桥收费站时常出现车辆排队现象。为缓解该段拥堵情况,实施2车道改为3车道的措施,将原硬路肩调整为小客车车道,限速调整为60公里 小时。同时,为疏解G2江苏方向曹安公路、万镇路下匝道处的交通拥堵,采取“G2京沪高速武宁路上匝道的车辆,禁止由曹安公路、万镇路出口驶出”的管理措施,受限车辆可通过武宁路地面道路由真北路立交或者地面驶入曹安公路、万镇路。节假日期间,大量市民前往崇明以及江苏启东、海门,G40沪陕高速作为唯一的高速通道,车流量已近饱和,其中长江隧道、长兴岛服务区、高东收费站、陈海公路出入口是主要拥堵节点。正在施工中的陈海公路大修工程,10月1日至7日临时开放两处匝道,确保G40陈海公路出入口上下匝道各增加两根车道,提高通行效率。》》》知了全民创作大赛 亿元投资寻找改变知识打开方式的你 》》》今日推荐:上海国庆长假加班费怎么算 7天全上最少可拿1711元酒店女住客被老鼠咬伤 赔偿金额未达成一致一把3元猫粮引发悲剧 猫粮店老板当街被殴身亡学生来沪打工数万工资打水漂 黑中介耍无赖44路驾驶员撞高架立柱致2死多伤 一审被判4年 接亲车队怕误吉时故逆行闯高速 全被扣12分 (该视频仅供延展)动动手指,随时查询交通违法! 扫一扫下方二维码,关注腾讯大申网! 欢迎关注腾讯大申网微信(微信号:dashenw)相关的主题文章:

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