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The golden autumn Shanghai is the most full of the holy land of Osmanthus! Look near you! The heat and the lotus has not completely dispersed, with cinnamon autumn has arrived. In recent days, when the small sea road has passed a few literary alley, it will always smell a strong fragrance of sweet scented osmanthus, so it will look up in the branch to look for this small yellow flower. Guess you will also enjoy the sweet scented osmanthus out recently, the advance of the Raiders to the flowers you do, quickly collection oh! Shanghai eco cinnamon garden Shanghai ecological osmanthus garden, osmanthus planting area of about 500 mu, more than 80000 plants of osmanthus, is the largest garden in Shanghai. A strain of a 70 year old early in! FLOWER! La The autumn night, Guangxi scent. The construction site of this strain has a 70 year old early in Shanghai is located in the Jiading section of the railway, although the construction of osmanthus tree branches makes some damage, but it still tenaciously won first prize"!! Tens of thousands of yellow flowers clustered, Mimizaza, nestled in the green leaves, a breeze hit, shadows whirling, faint fragrance gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind. Click to play GIF 1.4M in guihuayuan kinzley is introduced, this strain in the flowering period will last about ten days, that is to say, during the Mid Autumn Festival holiday can also enjoy GUI oh!! More than 40 varieties, including 10 rare varieties such as the top red and Zhu Shagui. The flower of Osmanthus blossoms should be in the environment of cold, wet and vapid, and the best is from 23 to 28. It expands from flower bud to at least 15 days. The director of the garden said that about 80% of the sweet scented osmanthus in the garden will be celebrated during the National Day! Shanghai ecological garden address: Jiading District North Road and rain village Guyi garden in mid September, Guyi garden of sweet scented osmanthus garden had blossomed, everywhere filled with sweet scented osmanthus fragrance, mainly with Kim, Yingui, Osmanthusfragrans etc., are mainly distributed in the Yi Garden Yi Tang, South Song, wild around the fragrant garden, bonsai garden, children’s Gallery a hall, smoke on the scenic spot to whistle. Guyi garden two flowering plants were planted in the vicinity of the South Gate of Kim tourist information service center and the South Gate of camphor forest, the tree has been covered with golden yellow flowers, the wind came from the sweet. In some books and Guyi osmanthus with the grass, and other plants collocation flowering phase of Ophiopogon japonicus, is wrong, can enjoy four seasons; some sweet scented osmanthus and exquisite tracery, paving pattern matched, formed a small elegant and pleasant scenery. But you know, the ancient Yi Park lotus are still not completely defeated, now can not only enjoy the scenery around the park, watching the pond lotus buds, flowers and the lotus, like a raging fire, the red spider lily is also very seductive dazzlingly beautiful. Transportation: take Metro Line 11 to get off the West Nanxiang station, walk 15 minutes or 2 line to Nanxiang Guyi garden tickets: 12 yuan opening time: July 1st -9 month 30 days South 6:30-18:30, North 5:30-17:30; October 1st – June 30th South 7:00-18:00, North 6:00-17:00 Shanghai botanical garden in Shanghai botanical garden as a 40 years the history of the national 5A scenic spot, inside the flowers of course beyond count. But in Sanqiu now open warm. A large number of open these days in Shanghai botanical garden has ushered in the park in the early, other varieties will be beautifully osmanthus. It is said that as early as 12, there are many people smell the sweet scented osmanthus fragrance in the garden room, after a year of sweet osmanthus is still ~ blunt to friends can choose straight to the gate three. After a period of time, the chrysanthemum also opened, and then we can watch the scene of the chrysanthemum. Location: Xuhui District Longwu Road No. 1111 tickets: 15 yuan ticket 40 yuan opening hours: 7:00-17:00 Jinshan acres of Osmanthus Lin Feng Jing Town Xingta village of Osmanthus Lin already early blooming, passing bursts of sweet osmanthus Lin can smell the sweet scented osmanthus fragrance. A total of more than 6000 osmanthus trees were planted in the garden. At present, about 1000 gold laurel has been flowering in the park, everywhere can smell the sweet scented osmanthus fragrance. Osmanthus fragrans in Fengjing town include Kim, Yingui, osmanthus, 4 varieties osmanthusfragrans. The difference from the fragrance of sweet scented osmanthus, gold osmanthus osmanthus flower fragrant; Yu, but the flavor is less than golden osmanthus osmanthus flowers thin, relatively thick; in the fragrance of sweet scented osmanthus fragrance again; four light, four kinds of sweet scented osmanthus fragrance in the light of A. The flowering of the whole osmanthus will continue to the national day of this year. Address: Jing Zhen Xing TA Cun Sheng Feng Ting Road New Road intersection drunk white pool park drunk white pool full of golden tree fragrance filling, small petals and pretty branches, refreshing. Drunk white pool were Kim, Yingui, osmanthus, osmanthus and other varieties, a total of more than 200 strains distributed in the park hall and glasses, usually in the florescence 9-10 month, flowers usually two to three times, the golden laurel has become one of the characteristics of park garden activities. Location: Songjiang District people’s Road No. 64 tickets: 12 yuan (from now until September 18th at half price only 6 yuan) garden of Dianshan Lake Garden was built in accordance with the "dream of Red Mansions" in the description of the classical gardens, with "red courtyard" and "Xiaoxiangguan" and "Daguanlou" more than 10 groups construction site. The sweet scented osmanthus fragrance in the "Red Mansion" is hidden in the southeastern corner of the Grand View Garden, "the fragrance of gold snow" in the osmanthus garden. Light yellow or yellow Suihua inclusion among the green leaves, the aroma filled always attracted visitors can’t help stand up. In the "golden snow fragrance osmanthus osmanthus garden of more than 60 acres of forest, with Kim, Yingui, osmanthus, Osmanthusfragrans etc. more than 3000 strains, the early varieties have been blooming in guangxi. Location: Jin Shang road Qingpu District No. 701 tickets: 60 yuan (from now until September 18th at half price only 30 yuan) Guilin Park, Guilin park with sweet scented osmanthus features, laurel tone, planted Kim, Yingui, osmanthus and Osmanthusfragrans 4 species and 23 varieties were more than 1000 lines, density phase, formation "sit Ting GUI tours", "labyrinth for Guangxi", "sunny autumn Xi" landscape. The old Shanghai people to the lunar new year in August to go to Guilin park enjoy the sweet scented osmanthus osmanthus tea, drink, to a bowl of bean soup or sweet osmanthus osmanthus taro. It is suggested to bring home a sweet scented osmanthus with a special bottle of garden, or send a sweet sweet osmanthus friendship to friends and relatives. Location: Xuhui District Caobao Road No. 188 tickets: 2 yuan Dongfangluzhou Dongfangluzhou on the first Shanghai Lake Dianshan Lake, "Luzhou GUI tours" is different from the traditional paper, fashion, leisure. With more than 8000 osmanthus tree, with Kim, Yingui, Yingui, late seed hill Yingui etc.. The age of more than 100 years old GUI there are dozens of lines, simple appearance, elegant fragrance, with a little golden wind in the demeanour of a transcendent being, 3.4 kilometers of Guihua Road, Anxiang floating. The 35 friends sat in the sweet scented osmanthus trees, a pot of fragrant osmanthus tea, carry a dish osmanthus cake, the leisure should be, will spread out to go to the leisurely. Now at the beginning of September has been part of the early Guangxi golden flower bloom in the branches, dotted with. Eleven golden week is expected to osmanthus bloom period and lasted to the early November. Location: Qingpu district Shanghai Qingping Road No. 6888 ticket: 50 yuan sweet scented osmanthus food is about national day, now the sweet scented osmanthus, full of fragrance in the city. Clear the dust, concentrated far overflow, is a must. These beautiful and fragrant osmanthus can also be used as medicinal and dietary, the today is to introduce some food made of sweet osmanthus. Sweet scented osmanthus osmanthus glutinous rice lotus Huang Lin burn crisp sweet scented osmanthus cake sweet scented osmanthus Osmanthus fragrans intestinal Almond Jelly bean porridge osmanthus fermented sweet osmanthus tea into autumn, Shanghai is really a Shanghai dream city, golden magic. While the sweet scented osmanthus fragrance season, be sure to go to the flowers Oh, do not delay the time! The material picture originates from the network copyright to the original author all. 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金秋上海最全赏桂花圣地!看看离你近不近!暑气与荷香还未完全散去,伴着桂香的秋天已经悄然来到。近几日,小海路过几条文艺小巷时,总会隐隐闻到浓郁的桂花香,于是就会抬头在枝头寻找这种嫩黄色小花。估摸着最近你们也会出去赏桂花,小海就提前把这份赏花攻略给你做好了,赶紧收藏哦!上海生态桂花园上海生态桂花园,桂花种植面积约500亩,80000多株桂花,是上海最大的桂花园。一株有着70年树龄的早银桂开!花!啦!一夜秋风,桂香袭人。这株有着70年树龄的早银桂正好位于沪通铁路嘉定段的施工现场,虽然工程施工使得桂花树的部分枝干受损,但它仍然顽强地“拔得头筹”!!数以万计的淡黄色小花密密匝匝、团团簇簇,掩映在碧绿的叶片中,一阵微风袭来,花影婆娑,淡淡的幽香沁人心脾。点击播放 GIF 1.4M桂花园园长介绍,这株银桂的盛花期将持续十天左右,也就是说,中秋小长假期间也能赏桂哦!!40多个品种,其中包括状元红、朱砂桂等10个珍稀品种。桂花开花要在冷湿闷蒸的环境,23℃至28℃最佳。从花芽膨大到开花至少15天。园长介绍,园内八成左右的桂花都将在国庆期间迎来盛花期!!上海生态桂花园地址:嘉定区北和公路雨化村古猗园9月中旬,古猗园的桂花早已绽放,园内处处弥漫着桂花香,主要有金桂、银桂、四季桂等,主要分布在猗园景区逸野堂四周、曲香廊南侧、儿童园、盆景园、君子堂、幽篁烟月景区等地。古猗园开花的两株金桂分别植于南大门游客咨询服务中心附近和南门香樟林处,树上已经挂满了金黄色的花团,随风送来阵阵甜香。古猗园内的桂花有的与书带草、麦冬等植物相搭配,花期相错,四季可赏;有的桂花与精致的漏窗、铺地花纹图案相映,构成了一个个清雅宜人之景。不过你知道吗,古猗园的荷花现在还没有完全落败,现在逛园赏景,不仅可以赏看塘内荷花的花苞、花朵和莲蓬,如火如荼、鲜艳夺目的石蒜也十分养眼。交通:乘坐轨道交通11号线至南翔站,下车后向西步行15分钟或南翔2线可至古猗园门票:12元开放时间:7月1日-9月30日南门6:30-18:30,北门5:30-17:30;10月1日-次年6月30日南门7:00-18:00,北门6:00-17:00上海植物园上海植物园作为有着40多年历史的国家5a级旅游景区,里面的各种花当然数不胜数。而三秋桂子在现在也正开着热烈呢。这几天上海植物园已迎来园内早银桂的大量开放,丹桂等品种也将陆续粉墨登场。据说,早在12日,便有不少市民在植物园兰室外闻到了桂花的清香,阔别一年依旧甜~冲着桂花来的朋友们可以选择直奔三号门哦。再过段时间,菊花也开了,到时候可以观赏菊争香的热闹场面。地点:徐汇区龙吴路1111号门票:15元 联票40元开放时间:7:00-17:00金山千亩桂花林枫泾镇兴塔村的千亩桂花林早已经提前盛开,路过桂花林就能闻到阵阵甜腻的桂花香。园内共种植了6000多棵桂花树。目前,约1000棵金桂树现已开花,在园内处处都能闻到桂花香。桂花在枫泾镇主要有金桂、银桂、丹桂、四季桂4大品种。从香味上区别桂花,则金桂花香浓;银桂花香郁,但香味不及金桂花浓;丹桂花香薄,相对银桂其花香再次之;四季桂花香淡,为四种桂花中香味最淡的一种。今年整个桂花的花期将持续到国庆节。地址:枫泾镇兴塔村亭枫公路盛新东路路口醉白池公园醉白池内,幽香沁心,满树金黄细小的花瓣俏丽枝头,使人心旷神怡。醉白池内共有金桂、银桂、丹桂、四季桂等多个品种,共计200余株,分布在园内各厅堂和花镜处,花期一般在9-10月,通常开花两到三次,金秋赏桂也成为了公园特色游园活动之一。地点:松江区人民南路64号门票:12元(即日起至9月18日半价优惠仅6元)大观园淀山湖大观园是按照《红楼梦》中的描述而建造的古典园林,内有“怡红院”、“潇湘馆”、“大观楼”等10余组建筑景点。“红楼”的桂花香就藏在大观园的东南角��“金雪飘香”桂花园。淡黄或金黄的碎花夹杂在绿叶间,香味缭绕总会引得游人不由自主地驻足抬头。在“金雪飘香”桂花园60多亩的桂花林中,有金桂、银桂、丹桂、四季桂等3000余株,目前早桂品种已经盛开。地点:青浦区金商公路701号门票:60元(即日起至9月18日半价优惠仅30元)桂林公园桂林公园内以桂花为特色,桂树为基调,遍植金桂、银桂、丹桂和四季桂4大种群23个品种共1000余株,疏密相间,形成了“坐亭赏桂”、“曲径寻桂”、“香溢秋溪”等园林景观。老派上海人到了农历8月一定要去桂林公园赏桂花,喝桂花茶,来上一碗桂花赤豆汤或桂花糖芋艿。建议带一瓶园内特制的桂花香水回家,或送给亲戚朋友,传递一份甜美的桂花情谊。地点:徐汇区漕宝路188号门票:2元东方绿舟东方绿舟倚上海第一湖淀山湖,“绿舟赏桂”区别于传统,着重时尚、休闲。拥有8000余株桂花树,有金桂,籽银桂、山银桂、晚银桂等。其中树龄百年以上的古桂就有几十株,古朴的外形,淡雅的清香,别具一派道骨仙风,点点金黄迤俪于3.4公里的桂花大道,暗香浮动。招三五好友散坐于桂花树下,泡上一壶桂花香茶,端上一盘桂花香糕,那份闲宜,便悠悠荡荡的散开去了。目前9月初已有部分早桂盛开枝头,金黄的花蕾点缀其间。预计十一黄金周为桂花盛放期,并一直延续至11月初。地点:青浦区沪青平公路6888号门票:50元桂花美食快要国庆节了,现在桂花怒放,满城飘香。清可绝尘,浓能远溢,堪称一绝。而这些美丽芬芳的桂花也可以作药用和膳食,今天小海就给大家介绍一些桂花做的食品。 桂花糯米藕\ 桂花黄林酥\ 桂花糕\ 烧桂花肠\ 桂花杏仁豆腐\ 桂花小豆粥\ 桂花甜酒酿\ 桂花茶\一到金秋,上海就真的变成了魔都,金色具有魔力的梦幻城市。趁着桂花飘香时节,可千万要去赏花哦,不要耽误良辰美景!素材图片来源于网络版权归原作者所有,如有侵权请及时联系删除动动手指,随时查询交通违法! 扫一扫下方二维码,关注腾讯大申网! 欢迎关注腾讯大申网微信(微信号:dashenw)相关的主题文章:

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