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Swedish men’s control of the UAV for the bulb breaking 9 final success (Figure) – Sohu military channel data figure: Swedish men control drones for light bulbs. Data figure: Swedish men control drones for light bulbs. To the roof lights to change the light bulb is a problem for many people, to move the ladder, but also afraid to fall. CCTV news recently reported a message: Sweden, a man named Sven for himself to find a good helper, with this help, he can also be a light bulb, sven. Sven’s helper is a drone. He put the drone on a claw like tool, and the test was his drone operation. The first step is to turn the broken bulb down, but the process is not so smooth. After many attempts, Sven finally safely replaced the bulb. Next, he needs to change the new light bulb, which is even more troublesome. After cleaning up 9 broken bulbs, Sven decided to switch to another model. But after so many tries, gentle also mastered no manipulation tricks man-machine to change the bulb, this time he finally succeeded in lighting up. A few years ago, we still feel very drone rare, now from our life is getting closer, but in China, the real game player game player is not much, mainly in the photography enthusiasts are using drones to carry out aerial photography. Zhang Juen, executive director of the China Aviation society, said, the scope of a wide range of uavs." For example, the UAV can be used in public security narcotics, anti smuggling and other quasi military purposes, can also be used for fire rescue, medical rescue, disaster relief and so on, also can be used for agricultural plant protection, environmental monitoring, power line patrol, can replace the dangerous high altitude operation, work hard, toxic and harmful for Industry and other industrial applications, the market potential is great. It can be said that the future of UAV is air intelligent robot, which can completely replace people to complete a variety of independent air operations; at the same time combined with the imaging system, the application extends to various industries, such as commercial applications can be used in the courier industry, such as film and television production. However, the current UAV failure rate is still high, falling things happen. As an emerging industry, China’s current laws and regulations, government documents can not be used for the control, airworthiness, operation, approval and other effective management and guidance. In 2013, the Interim Provisions on the management of the pilot of the civil unmanned aircraft system were also made.相关的主题文章:

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