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"Chinese Bridge" over burning brain "bump" strokes all stumped – Sohu entertainment   " " Chinese bridge; the questions burning brain Sohu entertainment news uneven road difficult to walk, "bump" two word is also very difficult to write, as a stroke Chinese "bump" two words you really write to? Remember the order link on Sunday Hunan TV broadcast of the fifteenth "Chinese Bridge" the first phase of the program, two foreign teams need to write "cool" and used "foreign words, washed off group" cool ", try not China anchor group by Xi" used "beat," cool "and" inertia "it is difficult to bad team members. The second phase of the program will be broadcast this Sunday in order to upgrade the difficulty of Chinese characters, "bump" two words again washed off group and anchor group headache. See the audience is heart fandigu, these years simply write a white word! A concave a convex two brothers came to the fifteenth "Chinese Bridge" scene is really out of the limelight, who had never thought that these two primary school students will read the original word so difficult to write! The 30 strong close group write "concave" whole "to kneel" expression, China group anchor to write a "convex" word is simply to cast doubt on their nationality. "Dave" were written "concave", second strokes seem like magic, a few teachers have been struggling to determine error, at last I hate not a finished good, see a side host Li Rui could not help Tucao everyone: "this is not Chinese characters class drawing class!" Chinese anchor group wrote "convex", appeared to be completed, but accidentally mistake back to the liberation, anxious to head waves do not know what to say. The fierce competition, the other members of the group have washed off anchor group under the viewers have deep concentration, try to write "bump with the correct pen". Not only on the field of the host and the players nervous, evaluation of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Language Research wrong dictionary editorial director, doctoral tutor Tan Jingchun teacher also "pulling" the heart. Judge, Mr. Tan in the players to write when you smile, the players come to naught, but also frowned and said "love baby". The end of the order competition aspect, Tan Jingchun teacher evaluation competition is fierce, and well intentioned strokes are very important to tell you to write Chinese characters, memory Chinese characters. At the same time laughing memory method gives small stroke order rules, it usually looks serious cold high teacher so "warm heart", "the teacher Tan Jingchun Meng Da impression is more and more popular. Want to see "concave and convex war", want to "posture" to learn to write? Want to see the "Meng Da Tan Jingchun teacher, want to know a secret writing? September 11th (Sunday) evening 19:35, Hunan satellite TV fifteenth "Chinese Bridge" waiting for you to!相关的主题文章:

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