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The cleaning staff contract hire consulting room patients to cure jailed for four and a half years original title: cleaning staff contract hire consulting room Yituo fraud times jailed for JINGWAH (reporter Zhang Shuling) 58 year old Peng Sheguo of Hunan is in the East Beijing Austria Kang Hospital (hereinafter referred to as audon hospital) a cleaning, after contracting the hospital of TCM consulting room. The reporter learned yesterday, for the employment of a number of large hospitals from Yituo deception patients to come to visit, receive high medical expenses, and the hospital doctor Peng Sheguo, financial and other Yituo 10 people were sentenced to 4 and a half years in prison and fined. Chaoyang Court found that the legal representative is Xiao Xingxiang Aodong hospital, since 2013, Tian Zhiqiang served as president of the hospital. April 2015 to July, two people will be the hospital department of traditional Chinese medicine consulting room contracted to do the cleaning of the hospital Peng Sheguo, and by the doctor in charge of the Chinese medicine consulting room doctor Peng Sheguo wages paid by Zhu Wende. In addition, Peng Yuliang, Liu Jinlian, Peng Sheguo hired Peng Feilan and several other Yituo, were looking for field personnel to Beijing to see the doctor at the Chaoyang Hospital, No.302 Hospital, General Hospital of the Air Force PLA, Navy General Hospital and other hospitals, by three or four medical support for a group of patients to the hospital audon cheat. In the hospital, the doctor Zhu Wende exaggerated the effect of treatment, and expensive medicine issued by unknown formula, Peng Sheguo or lead the patient take medicine payment, Yituo, fraud victims Ceng Qingfu 31 patients were more than 11.3 yuan. The number of victims in the hospital about audon buy expensive Chinese herbal medicine cheated but no clinical experience. Chaoyang Court held that, in this case, Xiao Xingxiang is a legal person of the hospital and the actual operator, should be recognized as a common crime of fraud; the whole case of fraud, constitute fraud. According to the investigation, Peng Sheguo said in 2009 in the hospital because of showmanship and administrative penalties. In the end, Chaoyang Court sentenced to 4 years and a half of the state of the crime of fraud and sentenced to a fine of $30 thousand and sentenced Xiao Xingxiang to imprisonment for 4 years and a fine of $20 thousand. Editor: Wang Haocheng相关的主题文章:

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