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Ge You Nicholas Tse "battle of the God of cookery" decided to file 2017 Lunar New Year’s Day Sina entertainment news by Mani as executive producer and producer, directed by Ye Weimin Manfred Wong, producer and screenwriter of the film "battle front flavor wild God of cookery" released "gift" version of the poster recently, officially scheduled January 28, 2017 Lunar New Year’s day release. Film Ge You, Nicholas Tse, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, the stars of the Chinese New Year of the new year of the Chinese new year, such as the aggregation of the stars of. The movie is not only a delicacy blessing, is about the two men two generation Chushen broken bow story. In addition, Tang Yan, Jeong Yong Hwa, Bai Bing and Nicholas Tse will also be a common interpretation of the special "the natural instincts of man.". The "gift" version of the poster put the table artifact as the film "Feng taste arena battle God of cookery" director Ye Weimin who directed "in the way", "embarrassed Beijing No. 81" and other films, the more Ge You, Nicholas Tse, Tang Yan, was Jeong Yong Hwa, Bai Bing, Du Haitao, Wang Taili, Jim Chim and other stars to new lineup old chicken spring festival. Recently, the film announced the first "ceremony" version of the document file posters, posters, only a bowl of plain noodles, quite intriguing. The audience message: "noodle is one of the most common traditional pasta in China has a long history, Western-style food knife in the poster pick, filled with" tit for tat "provocative, seems to imply that the film will show the intense conflict in the Western diet culture, black background set off the battle at." In addition, the harvest bowl Sheng cock many audience: as the southern region is the most traditional and familiar "table artifact cock bowl often appear in the major TVB drama, even Stephen Chow’s comedy movies, has become an important symbol of urban atmosphere. A cock bowl Sheng and the Spring Festival in the year of the rooster, "let the arena battle front flavor" God of cookery "Lunar New Year’s day, give you to eat" slogan with temperature and emotion more. Nicholas Tse Tang Yan and Ge You Nicholas Tse hit the spark "two fresh in social media appearances, but whether a" lie "into" Red Net "of Ge You, still love the delicacy Feng taste chef Nicholas Tse, is a hot topic. In the "battle of the rivers and lakes" in front flavor chef, Ge You and Nicholas Tse not only a surprise, a common interpretation of the laughter and tears of the story, the film also became his first foray into the Spring Festival gear works. With the fixed gear Posters Released, the film also exposed him in gray image, a SAGE-like type, more fans that tempt the appetite, "chicken year go to the cinema to see Uncle Ge", as many people look forward to most things. In addition to Ge You’s combination of young and old, the film will be hand in hand, Tang Yan, Nicholas Tse. The other two protagonists Jeong Yong Hwa, Bai Bing had hot drama "you’re beautiful ah" "ginger Xinyu" and the TV version of "myth" in the "jade Princess" were known to the audience. It is reported that two people will be in the film, and Nicholas Tse, Tang Yan together with the interpretation of special "the natural instincts of man.". The film "battle front flavor arena in January 28, 2017 will be the God of cookery" Lunar New Year’s Day National release. (TG) (commissioning editor: small 000)相关的主题文章:

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