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Trump scored the next key state of "super 80%" New York Times forecast winning local time on November 8th, Trump appeared in New York for his vote, accompanied by wife Rania mei. In November 9 Xinhua comprehensive report, the United States presidential election held a formal vote on the 8 day, several U.S. media exit polls according to statistics, at present, the Republican candidate Trump won 167 electoral votes, 109 ahead of Hilary. The United States "New York Times" real-time forecast shows that, at present, Trump won the election of 82%. Before polling day, "New York Times" in the prediction of the election, Hilary won the chance has been significantly ahead of Trump. But with the results of the ballot gradually out, Trump’s chances of winning gradually increased, the final anti Hilary. In addition, the United States National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC), according to current data, Trump victory in the key swing state of Ohio. In the past 60 years in the presidential election, the candidate supported by the state of Ohio has finally won the general election, so there is "Ohio have the world," said. Related reports: Trump’s lead significantly won the key state of Trump won North Carolina, the state has 15 electoral votes, the state is the swing state. Trump had won in Ohio, the key swing state. Beijing time 11:56: in the 2016 general election, Trump won the key swing state of Florida, won the state’s 29 electoral votes. Beijing time 12: Hilary won California, the state has 55 electoral votes. Now the key to see 16 votes in Michigan, Trump to win, return to Hilary, then win on the Hilary.相关的主题文章:

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