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South Korean prosecutors today v. "politics door" about three people will petition Beijing Park – Beijing in November 20, according to foreign media reports, South Korea hundreds of thousands of people of 19 local time in Seoul and South Korea 46 regions nationwide demonstrations, asked the President Park Geun hye office, responsible for "bestie dry politics piece". This is the work of Cui Shun political affairs since the exposure, the fourth large-scale demonstrations in South korea. In addition, South Korean prosecutors will prosecute three people with the events of 20, and in the complaint written "three people directly involved in the park crime" and other terms. More than more than 1 thousand and 500 South Korean civic groups 19 million people to protest for park Geun hye to step down. Seoul evening local time 6 when 500 thousand people gathered in the vicinity of Seoul Gwanghwamun square; in addition, Busan, Daejeon, Kwangju and other 45 regions of the country people held a demonstration at the same time, they require not only the park office, also shouted "arrested Park" and other slogans. Local time on November 19th, fourth for South Korean President Park Geun hye down South Korean mass candlelight rally held in 46 districts of Seoul city. Yesterday’s demonstrations also included many high school students who had just attended the college entrance examination. From the JiangYuanDao beam of grass Yan female student surnamed (18 years old) said: "there are around a lot of friends want to see Cui Shunshi’s daughter was admitted to the Ewha Womans University," back door "to be admitted, feel this society is not fair, so I decided to ride with friends to Seoul to participate in the demonstration." Jiang said the workers (40 years old) said: "the few cronies around, not with other people to communicate, see Pu Jinhui such a policy, I feel very angry!" Demonstrators in Seoul from 7:30 pm local time to surround the presidential palace surrounded by Chong Wa Dae in the form of five routes to the Chong Wa Dae. Police in Chong Wa Dae 500 meters before the police surrounded the wall to prevent the influx of demonstrators into the presidential palace. Police put a total of about 16000 police on the scene to maintain order at the scene, in order to prevent riots. South Korean people held the fourth round of demonstrations on the 19 day, protesters from 2 pm the same day, respectively, from the east gate of historical and Cultural Park, Hongik University subway station, delta station and hyehwa Dong University road of the final walk to the Gwanghwamun square held a collective protest candle. In addition, South Korean prosecutors indicted Pu Jinhui is scheduled for 20 "bestie" Cui Shunshi, former Chong Wa Dae Secretary An Zhongfan and Zheng Hucheng, is currently preparing a complaint. Prosecutors relevant sources, in the indictment of the three will be written into the Pu Jinhui direct involvement of the criminal acts of the three". It is understood that Pu Jinhui said: I thought it would bring help to the national economy and national life, but in the process of seeking personal gain, in violation of the law, people regret and heartache." However, the prosecution’s findings and Pu Jinhui’s opinion seems to be the opposite, the event is still fermenting.相关的主题文章:

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