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Shanxi Taiyuan high land are frequent optimistic about the industry large-scale "city changed" effect – Beijing, Beijing, September 23 Taiyuan Xinhua (reporter Li Xinsuo) China first-tier cities skyrocketing housing prices leading to the second line city. To the inventory in the context of the real estate, Chinese inland city of Shanxi Taiyuan high land are frequent, bring uncertainties to the future price trend. In 23 days, to inventory pressure is still on the occasion, Shanxi Taiyuan real estate tycoon appeared together "exhibitions", strive for fame and fortune. During the Shanxi real estate association president Yu Shiwei said that in 2016, and the central six provinces and the surrounding provinces in the five provinces, Shanxi province’s housing sales are the first increase in the inventory is more obvious. In addition, the Taiyuan market just need to improve the strong demand for housing, the real estate market potential is worth looking forward to. Since 2015, Shanxi, Taiyuan, an unprecedented large-scale urban village reconstruction. Within 5 years, Taiyuan to the demolition of the transformation of the 170 villages". In this regard, the industry said, Taiyuan City Village transformation, the scale of unprecedented. Taking into account the improvement of urban infrastructure, improve the quality of the city to bring a lot of good, combined with the surrounding provincial capital cities, Taiyuan prices are still potential to dig, so the market outlook is expected to improve. Public data show that in 2015, a total of 47 villages in Taiyuan basically completed the demolition of the village. 2016, Taiyuan, 35 villages also demolished. With the demolition of villages in the city to speed up, Taiyuan land supply market is accelerating. Insiders said that as of now, the supply of land market in Taiyuan is about three times last year. Later, Taiyuan land market supply will increase, the land market is expected to heat up. Subsequently, China’s large enterprises have entered the ranks of housing prices in Taiyuan, the financial record of China, Biguiyuan, Suning and other Chinese real estate giants followed. Since then, the Taiyuan market price of land are frequent. In May 18, 2016, financial record with too high land hit south school principle, the floor price of 5432 yuan square meters. August 24th, Shanxi People’s Hospital and Vanke Real estate after fierce competition, to 440 million 600 thousand yuan successful promotion, floor price of 8075.51 yuan per square meter. From January, Huarun group to 3 billion 422 million 800 thousand yuan price won the Taiyuan Normal University plots, the floor price of 7223.63 yuan square meters, become Taiyuan premium upstart. For the above phenomenon, President of the Shanxi provincial real estate association Yu Shiwei said that the provincial capital market demand is relatively strong. This year’s sales also confirms this view. In this regard, deputy secretary of the Shanxi provincial real estate association general Li Feng believes that high-frequency plots can understand force for economic policy to the continuation of the two or three line of the city. In addition, Taiyuan city construction scale, financial pressure increased sharply, the financial dependence of land will increase. Li Feng said that from the Taiyuan market, high land prices will only increase the improvement of housing, high-end luxury supply. Later, the total turnover of housing will continue to focus on large brand enterprises, thereby increasing housing prices survival pressure. For large scale city相关的主题文章:

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