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Benefit iPhone dual lens increased penetration of Guo Mingji optimistic about the biggest profit – Dali light Sohu technology [Technews] science news in 2017 for the upcoming launch of the new iPhone market speculation! The study of Guo Mingji KGI securities analyst of Apple products deeply pointed out that in the new iPhone collocation dual lens, and prior to 2018, equipped with dual lens on iPhone permeability increased gradually under the circumstances, although the face of other competitors, including SONY (SONY), Alps electric (ALPS), neturen (Mitsumi) SHARP (SHARP) and LG Innotek have joined the Korean businessmen, but by virtue of Largan "exclusive supply position" and "iPhone dual lens industry accounted for the company’s overall revenue and profit high proportion" advantage, is still one of the biggest gainers. Guo Mingji in its latest report pointed out that in 2017 the new iPhone is expected to strengthen its selling point. Is the double lens function upgrade to support dual optical anti shake (OIS), compared with the 2016 launch of iPhone 7+ is only equipped with OIS wide-angle camera lens, telephoto camera lens only supports general autofocus (AF) situation, which will make the quality and optical zoom the camera can significantly enhance the rate of times. However, Guo Mingji pointed out that this design will make the telephoto camera lens must be redesigned. Also, must face image circle increase telephoto lens, the correction time increased the difficulty of assembling. In addition, due to the improvement of imaging circle increased, leading to poor corner imaging quality, we must re design a telephoto lens camera lens challenge. For these reasons, will make the telephoto camera lens unit has the opportunity to improve. In addition, in 2017 the new iPhone will have a total of 3 models, including OLED screen models, 5.5 inch TFT-LCD models and 4.7 inch TFT-LCD models. Among them, equipped with OLED screen models, as well as 5.5 inches TFT-LCD models will be equipped with dual lens. Therefore, Guo Mingji estimates, the overall penetration of the dual lens in the iPhone, from 10% to 15% in 2016, up to 2017 to 45% to 50%. If you assume that all of the iPhone are equipped with dual lens in 2018, the penetration will be increased to 80% to 85%. And in the double lens has gradually become the standard equipment of the iPhone, Guo Mingji is still the sole supplier of iPhone 6P and estimated the telephoto lens supplier Largan, 2017 will be extended 30% to 40% capacity, achieve monthly production capacity of 180 million sets to 190 million sets, to meet the apple iPhone and non Apple camp demand, by 2017 3 report相关的主题文章:

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