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3 year old boy head knock a pack of 1 days after coma died at 5 pm, although after hours of struggling to rescue, 3 year old boy Lele or in the hospital died. The unexpected is, Lele’s death was actually a bag on the head knock out. Yesterday morning, busy night of ICU first municipal people’s hospital doctor Ren Qingsong told reporters that the 3 year old boy died in the morning, if the parents found abnormal children may be promptly sent, saved, too bad!" According to Ren Qingsong, the 3 year old boy Lele home Yexian County Tian Zhuang Xiang is a pair of twins, the boy. September 21st morning 11 am, the family found Lele forehead do not know when to knock a blood bag, because the child can not cry no trouble, still playing, the family did not care. In September 22nd, his family sent to Lele kindergarten, found the child left leg weakness, walk a bit lame, thought that the child ran tired, let the child rest at home. Unexpectedly, 6 o’clock that night, Lele suddenly fell to the ground unconscious. Family emergency will be sent to a local hospital in Yexian County, the head CT examination showed that the right side of the child the top of the temporal subdural hematoma, intracranial hemorrhage. Night 10 pm, Lele was transferred to the city hospital, the doctor checks the child bilateral pupil has spread, although weak breathing, but to stimulate the body has no reaction. After the hospital experts have seen the brain that has missed the timing of surgery. Rescue in the ICU ward until 5 am, the boy finally declared incurable. "Family children cry no trouble I can play, I felt nothing, sometimes have this potential risk, may be just a knock when nothing, but later intracranial chronic bleeding or bleeding." Ren Qingsong warned that if the child has a head injury, the first 24 hours should pay close attention to the spirit and activities of children, if there is crying, nausea and vomiting, drowsiness or the spirit of good, sufficient attention should be paid as soon as possible to the hospital for examination, to determine whether there is a case of intracranial hemorrhage. 3 year old boy head knock a pack cry no trouble still play died the next day相关的主题文章:

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